Forex Trading Tutorial – How to Trade and Make Money (Part2)

Hello and welcome to the part two of the Forex trading tutorial. Incase you missed the first part, you can read it by clicking this link >>>


DAY 2 (Final Class)

Today, we’d learn how to…

1. Setup our Demo Trading app,

2. How to buy and sell currency 💱 pairs

3. How to copy, paste and profit from experts trade signals.


First step to Forex trading, go to your Google Playstore and download “Meta Trader 5”. 

forex trading

forex trading


Upon installation, the app will automatically create a demo account for you with $1,000,000 virtual cash to start trading with. Don’t get so excited oh, it’s not real money 🙂


Just follow the on-screen instruction to have your account set up, it’s nothing complex! Once you are logged in, the information in the picture below is what you’d see:

forex trading

Once you’re logged in, this should be the first page you will see.

Let me explain each of the icons below from 1, 2, 3, 4.


Icon 1

Is the Quote page where you find the currency pair to trade. If you can’t find a particular pair on this page just click the + at the top corner to add new pairs to this list

And if you want to remove any pair, click the ✏ icon at the top right corner as well


forex trading


Icon 2

Displays the trade window where you can monitor and analyze price movement of the pair you’re currently trading.


forex trading


Icon 3 – Trade View

This is where you see all your running trades and positions that are currently active or pending. It shows how they fluctuate in blue (profit) or Red (loss) at every change in price.

This page also gives an overview of your opening, current and closing balances.


forex trading


Icon 4

Shows the history of all your trade transactions.


forex trading

forex trading



Go to ‘Quotes’ and click on EUR/USD pair (for example)

Then select ‘New Order’


forex trading



Choose ‘Instant Execution’ if you want to order at the current market price.

But if you want to place an order pending the time the market reaches your desired price, then you can use the options of

Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell limit


The second red circle in the image above represents your LOT SIZE (remember the previous training on lot size?)

Depending on the amount you’re trading with, use this risk management rule to choose your lot size and protect your fund.

⭕Risk Management Chart

💷 $100-$400=0.01 lot
(Max=5 trades)
💷 $500=0.02 lot
(Max 5 trades)
💷 $1000=0.05 lot
(Max 5 trades)
💷 $1500=0.06-0.07 lot
(Max 6 trades)
💷 $2000=0.08-0.1 lot
(Max 7 trades)
💷 $2500=0.1-0.15 lot
(Max 7 trades)
💷 $3000=0.15-0.2 lot
(Max 7 trades)

📣 Always Use proper risk management


The third red circle from the last figure above represents the Bid price (left) and Ask price (right).


Finally, SL is your Stop Loss

TP is your Take Profit


Bid Price & Ask Price

The ‘BID’ is the price the market is willing to buy a specific currency pair. At this price, a forex trader can sell the base currency. It appears on the left side of the quotation. 

See example below… 

If the EUR/USD is equal to 1.0992 / 1.0994, the bid price is 1.0992 meaning you can sell one Euro for 1.09921 US Dollars.


Stop Loss & Take Profit: 

A stop loss is an easy protection mechanism that you add to your order (either when you place your order or soon afterwards). 


You want to buy EUR/USD at 1.3100, but want to make sure you don’t lose your money if the market goes against you, so you would place a “stop loss” at 1.3050 so that if the market falls, you only lose 50 pips. 

The advantage is that it exits your order automatically, you don’t have to sit there monitoring the market (and you’ll be happy to have used a stop loss if your internet connection or computer experiences a malfunction!). 

ALWAYS use a stop loss with all of your orders. 

Take Profit works the same way to help you lock your profit automatically when price goes in your favour and reaches your set target for the particular pair.


Pips (or Points)

This is the smallest unit of a price change in any currency pair, representing the 4th digit after the decimal point (example: 0.0001). 

Although some brokers quote using the 5th decimal but it really doesn’t affect the price as it changes very quickly. 

Depending on the context, it’s usually one basis point (0.0001 or 1/10,000 for the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF currency pairs, and 0.01 for the JPY currency pairs). In forex, pips are used in measuring profit or loss in a given trade.

To calculate the pips from the above example of EUR/USD, simply subtract 1.0994 – 1.0992 = 0.0002 then move 4 decimal places or multiply by 10,000 which gives us 2pips. 

In Japanese Yen (JPY) currency pairs, pips are calculated as the second digit after the decimal point.



A lot is the standard transaction in the Forex market which equals 100,000 units of the base currency. Below are the most common lot sizes…

Standard lot = 1.00 = $10 per pip for the EUR/USD

Mini Lot = 0.10 = 10,000 base units = $1 per pip for the EUR/USD

Micro lot = 0.01 = 1,000 base units = $0.10$ per pip for the EUR/USD

Nano lot = 0.001 = 100 base units = $0.01 per pip for the EUR/USD


forex trading



1. Look at the image above of EUR/USD and tell me the trade.

Is it upward or downward?


Upward means BULL
Downward means BEAR

If the market is bullish it means price is rising becos the market is buying .

The right thing to do is follow the trend and also buy.

But if it’s bearish it means price is falling bcos the market is selling.

You too sell.


Now let’s pick a trade using this random signal alert…

forex trading


Asset: EUR/USD
Entry Price: Market Execution
Lot: 0.10
Stop Loss: 1.1576
Take Profit: 1.1582


After setting these parameters, click the BUY button below.
Rule: When buying, set SL below market price and TP above Market price

When Selling, set SL above market price and TP below market price


After placing your order, go to ‘trade’ view to see your profit or loss position.

Your trade will definitely start in LOSS (red) because of the spread that has been charged.


forex trading

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