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If you aspire to be a writer but are not sure how to get into it or if you are someone who has been writing for a while and is now looking at going into freelance writing then you are probably asking how to find freelance writing jobs.

The internet has really opened up the world of writing and made it so much easier for those who are interested and skilled in writing to find freelance opportunities.


The first place that all aspiring freelance writers should check for freelance writing opportunities is on freelance jobs boards such as are available at websites such as, and

The process is simple and all you will need to do is register with the website and then browse the opportunities that they have available and then tender for the different freelance writing opportunities that are available.

Just by using these boards alone you will probably find that you get more than enough work but should you still want more there are other places you can look as well.


Many websites for writers also offer jobs boards which present freelance opportunities. for example has its “Jobs Bank”; “Freelance Writing Jobs” is a blog that alternates posts of interests for writers with writing jobs that are available, is an ezine that also has useful information for freelance writers as well as advertising various paid markets for freelance writers.


If you are still looking try using email groups such as Yahoo groups that offer writing groups, posting to forums and joining virtual communities. If you are brave enough you may even want to try contacting some websites directly and ask them if they accept work from freelance writers and if they can send you their editorial calendars and writing guidelines.


There really are plenty of places for you to seek freelance opportunities on the internet and soon you may find yourself with so many freelance writing jobs that you will find yourself focusing more and more on just one or two of these methods of finding writing work.


If you enjoy writing, have a knack for using words and would like to start freelance writing then start by looking at the big freelance jobs boards such as, and, these often provide more than enough work.


If you still feel you would like more then look for freelance writing websites, email groups and forums. Getting into freelance writing has never been so easy and there are plenty of freelance opportunities available out there so take a look and you will soon enjoy the advantages of freelance writing work.



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