Using Imagination to Start a Successful Gardening Business from Your House


Gardening is often perceived merely as a hobby that excludes any possibility of profit. However, there is money to be made in starting a garden without taking away the pleasure of relaxing in the comfort of your backyard. This is actually one of the main entrepreneurial advantages gardening has over other businesses.


Not only will you be making money but you will actually enjoy working in the garden. In case you are wondering how to start a successful gardening business from the comfort of your own home, here some pieces of advice.

Just don’t forget that imagination, apart from being ready to take risks, is the key ingredient to the gardening business. You need to be imaginative and bold enough to turn your visions into reality. Profit will then come as a natural (pun intended) result of such dedication.


Is gardening only for green thumbs?


Like with any business, if you are talented and have plenty of experience, it will be a huge plus from the very start. Gardening, in particular, requires a lot of experience but this is neither mandatory nor eliminatory. If you have a good sense for business and feel there is an opportunity in the market, feel free to go into gardening even if you lack any previous experience.


You will learn as you go, mostly from seasoned gardeners whose help you might solicit.

In fact, you could be at the helm of the entire project if you possess good managerial skills but are afraid to learn about gardening from the very start.

Once the business is up and running you will have plenty of time to learn how deep a hole should be for the seed to be planted or get to know all the types of garden trowels.


The location of the garden

The ideal combo for a garden business is to use your backyard as the garden itself and a room in your house, preferably overlooking the garden, as the home office. Such a setup is ideal for the first months and years of operating before the business hopefully expands.


If you don’t own a backyard, then you can search the neighborhood for abandoned arable plots of land to buy them off or rent them. You can even team up with local gardening initiatives and use communal plots of land that are springing up in all major cities across the globe.


They can act as business incubators for your garden franchise in its initial phase. Gardeners are traditionally people who are always ready to help, so use their expertise and connections as much as possible.


Acquiring the right tools


Non-commercial novice gardeners usually start gardening and then consecutively purchase the tools as they need them. After a while, they end up with a shed full of different tools, some of which they haven’t used for years. This is the wrong way to go, since gardening for profit is all about planning, especially when it comes to costs and tools are high up on the list of items to buy.


Everything should be bought at once, since bulk buying will get you a discount at the hardware store or at a garden center. The following tools should be part of the initial purchase: garden forks, diggers, trowels, hoes, shovels, gardening shears, spades, water hoses, etc.


Things that are not directly related to gardening but are used in it, such as gloves, buckets or knee pads, should also make their way onto the list. Heavy machinery need not be purchased immediately, so acquiring a lawn mower can wait a couple of months.


Who are the potential clients?

Although some plants can be introduced into the garden purely for decorative purposes, like dandelions, other plants and/or vegetables should be planted systematically. Plan what you are planting in accordance with the situation in the market since you need to know who your prospective clientele is.


It is logical that you are going to start selling to family, friends, and neighbors in the beginning; however, as you build the reputation of your garden, you have to include other potential clients into the business plan. Most likely people whom you are going to sell your services and produce are young families who need help organizing their backyard.


Green marketing

We have to be honest and say that word of mouth is the best mechanism that your business is going to become well-known. If you sell a good-quality batch of roses to a young family, they will want to brag to everybody and soon you will have new orders being placed. This process can be eased by adopting an online marketing strategy.


Create a web presentation that will have an online ordering service and provide potential clients with contact info, including the address.


Apart from the website, you should be present on social media as well. Create a Facebook page, share regularly photos and stories on Instagram, and tweet something about gardening now and then. These are all cost-effective ways to promote your gardening enterprise.

Essentially, the tips provided here are there just to get your imagination going. Once you make the first step towards starting a home gardening business, ideas will start pouring in on their own.






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