Do you know  why I love the Google search engine?

Apart from giving you information that you queried it for, you can also make a lot of money but only if you harness the awesome power of this tool.

What else do you do with Google search engine apart from looking for information?



I’d love to reverse Engineer the Google system to buttress my point. Let’s say for example you live in Lagos state and you want to order female shoes but you are not sure of which of the eCommerce stores to buy from or just maybe you cannot remember the websites.



You quickly head over to Google and you type in ” buy female shoes in Lagos”

Your desire is to buy the shoe almost immediately if you get a good one right?

Now let’s see what Google search engine pops up for that keyword!


google search engine


Right there on top of the first page TruShoe, the founder happens to be my very good friend 🙂

When the search page loads, the first website you’d click on may likely be the first. The headlines and the snippet also determines which of the ads you’d click on.



Let’s say you click on the Trushoe website, then you peruse the website and discovered that they have great shoes. Now instead of one shoe, you ended up buying 5 shoes. By placing the order, you’ve succeeded in making money for the Trushoe brand right?



Assuming the brand makes 4k promise per shoe, then for 5 shoes it would have made a total of N20,000 in a day right? And if they sell 25 shoes daily, that’s N100,000 in profits! If you are smart, I’m sure your brain is already making some mental calculations 🙂



Let me show you another example of how you can make 6 figures from Google search engine, head over to Google and type in “Dr James slimming capsule”, what can you see?

google search engine


That’s my website right there on Page 1, number 3. I cannot count how many customers I’ve gotten from Google for that particular product, as at the moment of writing I’m supposed to ship 4 packs to Uganda. Do you think I’m making this up?


google search engine

I’m sure by name you understand the concept of making money from Google search engine. But the question now is, how can you get your website to show up on Google when someone types in a search query? Hmm, that’s going to be very lengthy to explain, it’s what they call “Search Engine Optimization”.



But let me summarize a bit for you, SEO is the act of writing content for your readers to learn something and also for the search engine to be able to crawl your website and display it to anyone who searches for the keyword you intend to rank for. Not everyone knows how to do SEO, some people just get lucky and their website shows up on page one.



While others are intentional about SEO, for example in this article I have mentioned Google Search Engine a couple of times if you have noticed. The keyword has about 201,000 monthly searches and a competition of 0.01. Even though this might not be a buyer keyword, I have restructured the mindset of the searcher so when my link pops up, the searcher would like to know how to make money from what he searched for.



There are lots of things involved in SEO, you have the on page SEO, you have the off page SEO, you need to do keyword research, you need to be able to write articles that people would love while also subtly infusing the keyword you are trying to rank for. PHEEEW!!!



Complex right?

What if you don’t want to go through all that stress but want to show up on Google page one? Then you have to pay for it! Google has a program called Adwords, with this program you can have your website show up on page one whenever someone types in the keyword you bidded for.



Google also has another product called the Google display network. With this program, you can have your website show up on different targeted websites that are enrolled with the Google adsense program. Adsense is a program that helps website owners make money from their visitors whenever they click on the ads served by Google.



Google places relevant ads on the website depending on their niche. So if I have a weight loss blog and I got accepted into the Adsense program, Google will serve ads to me that are weight loss related. If I’m getting enough targeted traffic, you can decide to include my blog in your campaign so that Google can serve your ads to those who really want to lose weight.



I love the Google display network, even though it’s not rocket science to set it up but there are certain things you need to know before you make use of it. If you get it right, you’d make a lot of money from your business. Will you like to get a training on how to effectively use Google display ads to make money?



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