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Helping Hands International Review 


I’m a very meticulous person by nature and I tend to analyze and ask a lot of questions before joining any business opportunity. I joined Helping Hands International late last year after conducting m due diligence test. In this article, I would review H2i, I’m not just going to talk about the pros, I’d also talk about the cons ( I would be bias not to do that).



I had learned about Helping Hands International early last year but the idea didn’t really click because I needed someone to explain the business opportunity to me. The first invite I got came as a broadcast on BBM from one of our skill empowerment facilitators ( at the last company where I worked in Abuja before I retired).



She kept on sending messages until one day I decided to ask her about the opportunity. She added me to her Helping Hands International Whatsapp group but the problem was that there was too much information; I found it overwhelming to go through all of them.



I needed to be very clear about the opportunity so I kept asking questions but I wasn’t getting all the answers that I needed ( problem with most Networkers is that they don’t understand their business). She kept asking me to join and I told her I was taking my time to join; one day she just yanked me off the group and I stopped receiving messages from her.



I decided I was going to get more information by using Google search engine, I typed in Helping Hands International and the I saw immediately after the Helping Hands website was Dayo Adetiloye’s Blog. I discovered that he had been blogging about H2i since 2014 ( quite interesting).



I read through the posts on his blog and without batting an eyelid, I called him to ask a few questions which he answered without stuttering. I immediately made payment for 7 accounts and got onboard.



Helping Hands International is an organization  founded based on “the love of the people”. It’s a Non Government Organization set up with a vision to reach out to the less privilege in our society and to empower people with the requisite skills necessary for them to start up their own businesses. 



Founded by Luzviminda McElvis from Philippines who was born into a poor family, she used to hawk on the street just to help her aged parent; she was picked up by some foreigners who adopted and took her to their country, paid her way through school until she became successful.



She decided to give back to the society as she understood the pains of living in abject poverty. He went back to Philippines and started visiting the poor and homeless, giving foods and items just to help them survive. During the course of doing this charity work, she attracted different sponsors who supported and are still supporting the Organization.



Sponsors of Helping Hands International Include:  

  • Hyundai Motors
  • Apple
  • HP ( Hewlett Packard)
  • GAC Motors ( Recent Sponsors)
  • GLO


Below Are Incentives Given Out To Members By Helping Hands International


helping hands international


helping hands international


helping hands international


helping hands international



From what I garnered, Helping Hands does not have specific products like other Network Marketing companies. So you do not have to sell any physical product to make money, all you need to do is to refer people to make a ” one time donation of N6,600″ to join the business and you get compensated for your efforts at different levels.



Helping Hands International is a service based Organization, the services include:

  • Humanitarian Services
  • Trade and Skill Acquisition Services
  • Asset and Property Support
  • Financial Empowerment Services
  • Scholarship Award Services


The H2i matrix system, even though long is not collapsible. In time past, I have seen Network Marketing companies collapsing because there’s too much money in the system, but with Helping Hands International, it’s a different ball game altogether.



Helping Hands has been in existence for over 7 years now, in 2012 they visited Nigeria and made financial support for those who were affected by flooding. They fully moved into Nigeria in 2013. Since 2013 till date, the Organization has grown from what it was to what it is presently.



The best way to ascertain if a business is thriving is to check for improvements in the business. Just last year, among other sponsors, GAC Motors pledged its support to Helping Hands International; together with LG electronics.

Towards the end of last year, it was also announced that there would be an increase in the incentives being given out to members of H2i.



Stages Of Helping Hands International


H2i has 6 different stages, you get compensated as you move from one stage to the other. For example, if you register with one account, you need to have 6 people under you to move to stage 2. i.e You register your first two, place them on the left and on the right. 



When your first two replicates the same process ( register their own two people on the left and right), you automatically move to stage 2. You will earn $26 once you get past the cycle.

Or if you decide to pay your way through stage 1 ( 7 accounts which equals N46,200), you will get a total of $58 ( N9,570) cash back.



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The only way to quickly get past each of the stages in Helping Hands International is to learn how to recruit faster. If you don’t recruit people or if your downlines are not recruiting then your matrix would be stagnant ( which is very bad for your business). So even if your downlines cannot recruit, you need to keep on bringing people into the business. 




There’s no doubt you can make a lot of money in different ways from Helping Hands. You earn money from your direct referrals, you earn money from each level between the stages. You get tangible items which you can personally use or sell.



You can make money from the skill training. Oh yes, I learned about a Woman who made N5,000,000 from her perfume business. She learned how to make perfume during one of the H2i training. With her knowledge, she went ahead to set up her own perfume business and she’s making a killing from it. 



You can get an interest free loan from the organization ( when you qualify), you can get housing support; Helping Hands pays 70% of the money if you already have 30% to get started. The organization delivers on all its promises.


Opportunity to meet great people; I have met with some members of h2i and we have done other transactions outside the business. You can meet a lot of good people that can link you to other businesses. 



You can have more than one account in Helping Hands; that is, you can pay your way through the stages if you have the resources. More than one account makes you move faster and it also means that you will get “more than one” of every benefit of the business. 




They should improve on their relationship with partners. For example, critical information should be sent as updates via email to all its members and not just to some group of people who would then pass the information to groups on WhatsApp.

What happens to those who are not on WhatsApp?

Why do you have my email when you cannot communicate with it? 



Registration and Payment

The fact a prospect still has to make payment to his/her upline’s bank account before registration is made still baffles me. For example, if I have a prospect in Abuja who learns about the opportunity and is interested in being a partner, I’d ask that person to pay to my personal account, he would develop cold feet.



People have been scammed severally through internet transactions and they are scared of parting their monies with a stranger. Helping Hands International should work on integrating payment solutions on their website. People should be able to register with their credit/debit cards. Or better still, h2i should have a bank account!



In all, Helping Hands is a great and genuine organization that everyone should be a part of. If you are reading this page then it’s likely you are interested in joining this business.

I and my team are ready to help you prosper in this business. We have a recruiting system that will help you attract the right people to join your team. 




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