Helping Hands International: How to Change Your Password

helping hands international

Passwords are very important for every online transaction, it should only be known to you. However, the Helping Hands International business operates in such a way that requires your upline to set up your account in order for you to have access to your dashboard.


At this moment, Helping Hands does not collect direct payment from members; that is you can’t pay cash into its bank account, you can’t pay via credit/debit card ( I hope they make this possible soon), you can safely pay using the wallet system. 


As a leader, I almost always take up the responsibility of creating account for even my downline’s downline. Recently (after my hard drive crashed) and for safety purposes, I figured it’s wise for every downline to quickly change his/her password after account creation by upline.


In this tutorial, I will show required to have your Helping Hands password changed, so let’s go:

1. Log into your h2i back office by visiting enter your username, password and the security captcha.


2. Click on profile as shown in the image below:

helping hands international


3. Click on edit profile as shown in the image below:

helping hands international


4. Change your password:

helping hands international


Now you can change your password by entering the new password on the space provided on the left hand side. You can use the same password for your “transaction password”. Make sure your password is easy to remember and not easy to guess.


After changing your password, click on the orange button with the ” tick sign” in it (it’s on the top right of the form as seen in the image above) to update.

If you have not joined Helping Hands International and need to join, please send an email to or visit



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I hope this helps.

Until next time.



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