Don’t Just Complain About Being Broke – Do Something About It!

helping hands international

Dear friend,

I quite agree that things are a bit tough out there, but the truth is that when you continuously complaining about being broke without doing anything, you’d get “Broker”… If there’s any word like that!


The only way you can go from being broke, to have a lot of money in 2017 is to take action by leveraging on the opportunities available to you. Talking about opportunities, there’s quite a lot around you but just maybe you don’t see it or you choose to ignore it.


Let Me Tell You a Short Story:

In 2015, there was a 27 year old pretty lady by the name Dabira. A friend of hers kept on sending her messages about a business opportunity but she ignored, even though she needed money!


Finally, after seeing results from other younger people doing the same business, she decided to give it a shot. As a matter of fact, she borrowed N19,800 from her friend just to start the business. She practically lived off her friend but fast forward till today…


She Just Got Her Second Brand New Hyundai Creta SUV From the Same business and Has Earned Millions of Naira By Working Just a Few Hours With Her Smart Phone


helping hands international

helping hands international

helping hands international



And Not Just Her, Here’s A Student Who Joined The Same Business and Has Also Gotten Two Cars As Well…


helping hands international


Do you know that you can take advantage of this same legitimate business opportunity, make a lot of m.oney and get a brand new jeep in 2017? You remember what I said about seeing an opportunity and grabbing it, do you want to miss this?


I have partnered with Dabira pictured above and together we would like to bring in just 20 serious business minded people who’d like to change their financial status in 2017.


This is not one of the ponzi schemes flying around the internet, the business has a fully operational office in Ikeja, Lagos and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with Reg. No  (Rc1242747)



Would You Like to Join Us and Make History? Then Watch The Video or Download the eBook Below to Understand The Business Opportunity!



Don’t have enough data, download the eBook HERE


Watch Other Testimonies From Real People In The Video Below:


I’m sure you perfectly understand what the Helping Hands International business opportunity is about… Like I mentioned we only need 20 serious business minded people who are ready to invest money in this business to make more money and get all the benefits you have already seen in the video above.


You’d notice that the cost of joining Helping Hands International is N6,600 but like I said we need ” Investors“… I mean people who see this as a real business and are ready to start with at least N46,200 ( 7 accounts) or more…. 


N99,000 for 15 accounts


Let’s see the break down for joining Helping Hands International with 255 accounts:


Analysis for 255 accounts with H2i:

255 x 6,600 = N1,683,000 (Capital)

(1) 1 of the acct will move to stage 3 straight wit *$1,000* plus a laptop.

(2) 2 of your accounts will be in stage 2 level 5 wit $600 each making *$1,200*

(3) 4 of your accounts will be in stage 2 level 4 wit $300 each making *$1,200*

(4) 8 of the accounts will be in stage 2 level 3 wit $100 each making *$800*

(5) Referral bonus of $8 x 254 = *$2,032*

(6) Matrix bonus of $10 x 63 = *$630*

Total dollar = *$6,862 x 165 = #1,132,230*

Earnings is *N1,132,230*
Balance is *N550770*
That is you invested *N1,683,000*
You got back instantly *N1,132,230*


In everything, remember that team work will help you grow in this business and we intend to help you achieve the best results. This page would be advertised massively on the internet and we’d have lots of people joining the team.

Do you want to change your financial story starting from today? Why not join us by filling the form below or WhatsApp 08037193840.

I got to run now.

Until next time,




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