7 Powerful Benefits of Joining Helping Hands International, No 5 Is Important!

helping hands international

7 Powerful Benefits of Joining Helping Hands International


Helping Hands International is a Non Government Organization established with the intent of reaching out to the less privileged and empowering individuals with the requisite skills to start up their own businesses either part time or full time.

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Helping Hands International was founded in Phillippines by Luzminda Mac-Elvis, a Woman with a humble beginning who understands what it means to live in lack, the Organization has been involved in lots of charity work both in its founding country, in Nigeria and a few other countries.


Helping Hands International because of its vision to expand and reach out to more people all over the world, introduced its reward program to say ” thank you” to every of its members who helps in sharing its vision.



In this article, I’d be discussing the 7 benefits of joining Helping Hands International. Why? Because I have discovered that this company is genuine and not like other ponzi schemed flying around the internet.

Helping Hands International is not ” Tinye Were“, what I mean is that it’s not like those schemes that ask you to put in xyz amount of money and get xyz percent when xyz is matched or something like that.



Helping Hands International is a well structured business and the reward system is professionally built in a way to avoid collapsibility. They have been around for 5 years and counting and within this 5 years, they have given out lots of items like over 200 cars, 1000 laptops etc.



SO let’s see the 7 benefits of joining Helping Hands International:


1. Training: Helping Hands International is a service based organization. As a partner with this organization, you don’t sell products but services! What are these services you may ask?
Humanitarian Services


Skill Empowerment Training
As a member of Helping Hands International, you are entitled to learning one or more skills. You will agree with me that a man who has no skills is empty! Even when you go for a job interview, you’d be asked what you can do!


Acquiring a skilled training is very important to increase your self worth. You will agree with me that getting these skilled trainings will cost you good money on a normal day, but with Helping Hands International, you get trained for free.


Some of the training that I have witnessed includes:
a. Perfume Making
b. Blogging
c. Fashion Designing
d. Make Up
e. Event Management
f. Liquid Soap Making
g. Baking and Pastries
h. Internet Marketing etc.


I made inquiries about the cost of acquiring these training out there and I was told it would cost me N50,000 to learn how to make good perfumes.
A professional blogging training costs from N20,000 and above depends on the organization running the training.
A fashion designing training costs over N100,000 etc.

But do you know that as a member of Helping Hands International, you are entitled to any of these training for free?


What does it cost to become a member? Just N6,600!

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2. Opportunity to Own a Brand New Laptop: As a member of Helping Hands International, you have the opportunity to get a brand new HP Laptop when you qualify. You can use the laptop personally or you can sell it off for some extra cash.
See pictures of people who have gotten their laptops below:


helping hands international

helping hands international

helping hands international



3. Opportunity to Own a Brand New Car: This is no wash! Helping Hands International has given out over 200 cars and still counting. If you work hard and smart enough in the business, you can get your own brand new car in this year 2017.


Below is a picture of people like you who have gotten cars from the business:

helping hands international

helping hands international

helping hands international



Watch The Video Testimonial Below:



4. Opportunity to Collaborate With Other Business Minded People: Networking in Helping Hands International has given me the opportunity to meet different business minded people whom I have had other dealings with outside the H2i opportunity.


I have been paid severally to conduct training based on referral from some of the good people I met after I joined Helping Hands. You’d never now who you would meet as a member of this great movement. CLICK HERE TO JOIN US TODAY!



5. Opportunity to Make More Money: Helping Hands International has a ” fail safe” business structure that makes it possible for anyone serious, business minded person to make a lot of money. With the H2i compensation plan, you can earn N100,000 or more monthly income if you are focused.



If you want to start a business that doesn’t interfere with your present job or business, then Helping Hands International is for you. You can make money from the comfort of your home ( I enjoy this part the most). Want to know more? You can get more information by downloading the eBook below:




Or you can watch this short video below, just 6MB



6. Opportunity to Get an Interest Free Loan: As a member of Helping Hands International, you can have access to loan facility when you get to a certain stage. If you need to go into a big project, you can request for this loan when you qualify. 



7. Housing Support: Do you want to build or buy a house and needs funds to make the project a reality? Helping Hands International can help you make 70% payment of the cost of the house, while you take care of the other 30%. Awesome ain’t it?


All these and many more are the benefits of joining Helping Hands International. The organization is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria and over the past 5 years, it has touched and changed lives but in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. 


Helping Hands International is not one of those schemes where you put in money and expect to get donation from someone else at the end of the month. It’s a ” people, people” business, once you understand the concept, you’d excel in the business. 


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