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Helping Hands International: How Dabira Got a BRAND NEW JEEP With a N19,800 Donation & How You can Get Yours When You Join Our Team Today

Helping Hands International – Read Dabira’s Story 

You are probably wondering… ” How Can Dabira Get a Car With a N19,800 Donation“, it’s likely you have doubts about such bold claims and I perfectly do understand! But if you would be open minded about this blog post I am about to share with you, then your doubts would be cleared.


In times like this when the prices of goods have sky-rocketed due to the increasing exchange rate, it’s important to look for another source of income. If you are smart, I am sure you already know that one source cannot sustain you. If you are a worked, then you need to look for an investment of some sort that gives you an extra money.


Today I’m about to share with you the story of Dabira, I think she’s about 27 or thereabout… A passionate young lady who made up her mind to ” Change Her Own Story” by investing N19,800 in the Helping Hands International NGO. She recently just got rewarded with a brand new Hyundai Creta SUV. See her picture below:



helping hands international


helping hands international


helping hands international


Read Her Story…

Sometime in 2015, Dabira had been receiving constant broadcast from her friend on her BBM about this business opportunity that changed her life, but just like most people, she was not interested.


As a matter of fact, she sternly warned her friend to desist from sending her such messages not knowing that the opportunity will help her fulfill her dream of becoming a millionaire before 30.


Dabira’s friend kept on sending her messages until one day she decided to get started because she had seen the success stories of other very young people doing this business.


People who had taken the opportunity seriously and were rewarded with the same brand new Hyundai SUV that she has finally gotten from the business.


Dabira decided to start her own business with N19,800 and one year after she had made more than a million naira, gotten a brand new SUV, HP laptops and she’s positively affecting lives all over the world.


Even though she had a paid job, she was able to combine it with her business ( that’s one of the good things about this business). You don’t have to quit whatever it is you are doing right now.

Today she’s touching lives, teaching and motivating people to become financially free…

Here What She Has To Say…


I want to thank the almighty God for making this dream come true. My sincere gratitude goes to my parent who stood by me and keeps sharing my helping hands vision with people. .who keeps praying for me always. Daddy and Mummy I love you.


And to my siblings who trusted from day one I will make it through. .this is for’s actually a reality. .I remember my Dad keeps asking of my matrix movement every now and then. .Love you Daddy



Am really crying MY UPLINE GLITZ..God bless the day I met you..God bless the day we connected on h2i grounds. .God bless that Monday morning I transferred my N19,800 to become a partner exactly a year and some months ago after seeing several of your H2i adverts on BBM Every now and then. .motivation is you..encouragement is you..success is you..



I had been receiving messages via BBM about Helping Hands International but I was skeptical about the business opportunity. I wasn’t quite sure if Networking was my team and at some point I even wearned my upline to STOP sending me anything about Helping Hands.



But NO, He wouldn’t stop until one day I decided to take the risk and get started with the business. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do the business because I didn’t have much friends but I learned how to leverage on the power of Facebook social media and I was able to get lots of people to join my team.



My hard work finally paid off. I want to let you know that everything is possible with patience, hard work and consistency. I know you are probably skeptical about Network Marketing but I tell you, there’s nothing to loose. I make over N300,000 every month from this business and I don’t have to struggle for money anymore. 




Now that you have read her story and how she got her brand new Hyundai CRETA SUV with N19,800 ( actually she started with 3 accounts), it’s time to understand the business of Helping Hands International and how you can not just make money out of the system but also get a brand new Hyndai CRETA SUV.



Helping Hands International is a renowned international Non Government Organisation set up with the intent to give help to the less privilege in our society while also empowering and equipping the unemployed, under-employed or those just looking to make an extra income with different skills to help them start their own businesses.



Helping Hands was set up as a humanitarian NGO by a beautiful philanthropist Mrs. Luzviminda. The Philippine based organization was founded in 2010.

During her childhood years, she had suffered and endured hardship because she wasn’t from a rich home. Fast forward till today, she is a successful business woman who understands what it means to live in poverty without help; hence her reason for creating Helping Hands International.


As the Organization grew, there was a need to reach out to more people outside Philippines, so with the help of co-founder Dr. Raniel Polycarpio (MLM Business Strategist, Philanthropist and Dentist) the multi-level marketing aspect was infused into the business.


What You Need to Know About Helping Hands International:

You can either watch the short video below or read the text transcript after it:



Or Download and Read the eBook Below If You Don’t Have Enough Data



If You Have Watched the Video, or Read the eBook and Want to Get Started Right Away, Then Use the Link Below – If You Haven’t Watched The Video and Want to Read, The Read On:


>>> Click Here to Secure Your Spot <<<


Or WhatsApp 08037193840…


I know you can’t wait to get to “ how you get a car with N6,600 part”, but just read on so you understand more about the business.


H2i Vision:

Our vision is to help the needy and the less privileged in our society.


H2i Mission:

To touch the lives of people (non-members) through our members.

To empower members (globally) to be skillful thereby creating wealth and job opportunities for others.

To engage members in a business opportunity via a genuinely proven and tested platform called referral or network marketing.



Goals and Objectives:

The Helping Hands goal is to reach at least 10 million people in 20 years with its empowerment and business opportunity and to help them attain financial stability for the rest of their lives.


Since Its Inception in Nigeria, H2i Has Given Out Hundreds of Brand New Cars and The Next One Could Be You!



What Service Does Helping Hands International Offer?

For a business to be called a business, it has to offer either a product or service. H2i offers different kinds of services and they include:

  • Humanitarian Services
  • Trade and Skill Acquisition Services
  • Asset and Property Support Services
  • Financial Empowerment Funds
  • Scholarship Award Services



Here’s What You Need to Know About These Services:

  • Humanitarian services are provided to the less privileged in our society ( members and non-members)
  • Free skill acquisition training for members interested in fish farming, poultry, website design, graphic design, auto cad etc.
  • Provision of non-interest and non-collateral loan to members for the acquisition of assets.
  • 70% property support services for members.
  • Housing funds for members.
  • Scholarship funds for members.
  • International trips and other incentives like Hyundai ix25 SUV, Apple iPad and Laptop for members.
  • Passive income for referrals, matrix bonus, matching bonus and yearly infinity bonus for members.



How to Join Helping Hands International:

To become a member of H2i, it’s only required that you make a onetime registration fee of $40 or the Naira equivalent through your upline/sponsor. At the moment Payment can through:

  • Bank deposit or transfer to your upline ( Upline uses money in his wallet to register you)
  • Perfect money

The $40 (N6,600) is not an investment per se, in h2i it is called a “donation”. It’s with this donation that the organization fulfills its vision and mission I discussed earlier.


To Register Yourself ( if you have a perfect money account) *** , please:

Update: This option is no longer available for payment


1. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW after the page loads, click on the JOIN NOW tab as shown in the image below:

helpinng hands international



2. Fill the requested information on the page. Please make sure that the sponsor id/username reads bizmogul and the name Ikenna Agina otherwise I won’t be able to grant you access to my specialized training materials that will teach you how to recruit downlines without chasing people on the street.



3. After you fill the requested information, click on ” Sign Me Up” button below and you will be redirected to another page where you have to make payment. As at this time of writing, the functional options for making payment to H2i is through ” Ewallet” or ” Perfect Money”. When you click on ” Solid Trust Pay” or ” Master/Visacard” option you will discover they are dormant. 



helping hands international

It’s likely you don’t have a Perfect Money account, the best option is to make a bank deposit/transfer to my account so I can sign you up.





For More Information On How To Get Registered, Follow The Instructions By >>> Clicking Here <<< 



How to Make Money From Helping Hands International:

When you enroll with a donation of $40 (N6,600) you are placed in the system’s revolutionary matrix system (unique to only Helping Hands), this system is very affordable, profitable and the best to ever exist in the MLM industry.


H2i combines three different types of matrices which are the 2X2, 2X5 and 2X3 making up six different matrix stages. They are:

  1. Associate Stage (2X2 Matrix)
  2. Master’s Stage (2X5 Matrix)
  3. Super Master’s Stage (2X5 Matrix)
  4. Minister’s Stage (2X5 Matrix)
  5. Prime Minister’s Stage (2X2 Matrix)
  6. Trustee Stage (2X3 Matrix)


The six matrices is a combination of four revolutionary effect that helps to make earning from the system simple while also creating financial abundance for members as they grow and progress.


Four Revolutionary Matrix Effects Explained:

Spill Over Effect: With the Helping Hands International spillover effect, you can benefit directly from the efforts of your upline. What do I mean? If you sign up under me, every additional referral that joins my team will be automatically placed under you.


With this, your matrix will get filled up faster. With my recruiting system in place, you will enjoy this spillover effect when you sign up under me.

However, this does not mean you should be lazy and not recruit!



Forced Matrix Effect: With the forced matrix effect, an active upline can render support to a weaker downline in order to help him grow. With this system, a member can directly refer as many people as he can but the people referred will be forced on the right and left hands side of either the 2X2 or 2X5 matrix stages.


Note that in this system, compared with the Spill Over System anybody you directly refer as an upline, you will get 20% referral commission. Also, you get a 5% or 10% bonus from your dowline when he/she completes the stage to move to the next matrix.



Spill Under Effect: In Helping Hands International, if you dull yourself as an upline, your downline can overtake you if he works faster than you. If you are lagging behind and not working well enough, your downline can get to the next stage before you, so shine your eyes!



Follow Me Effect: There is no board breaking or splitting in H2i. This system is a powerful way of ensuring that your direct and indirect referrals stick to you forever as you grow in the system. So even if your downline moves faster than you up the matrix, you still get compensated.



Together With The Six Matrix Stages and Four Revolutionary Effects In Each Stage There Are 12 Different Ways To Make Money From H2i and They Are:

  • Referral Bonus
  • Matrix Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Assets Funding
  • Infinity Bonus
  • Housing Bonus
  • International Trips
  • Apple ipads
  • Car Awards
  • Jeep Awards
  • Skill Acquisition


How to Make a Lot of Money From Helping Hands International:

Referral Bonus: You earn a 20% referral bonus whenever you introduce anyone into the system. This percentage amounts to $8 (N1,320) calculating at N165 per dollar, which is the standard conversion rate for this business ( regardless of the fluctuating exchange rate).


Matrix Bonus:

For every matrix stage that you complete in Helping Hands, you receive a cash bonus which ranes between $10 – $80,000, Laptops, Phones, Cars… depending on the Matrix completed.

Matching Bonus: You get $100 – $600 for every matching bonus ( depends on the matrix stage) for ever person you refer directly or indirectly when they complete their own matrix stage.


Yearly Infinity Bonus: When you get to the Prime Minister and Trustee stages, you will continuously receive between $5,000 – $10,000 every year.


Compensation Plan Explained:

Stage 1 (Associate Stage):

helping hands matrix


Stage 1 ( Associate Stage) is a 2X2 matrix consisting of 2 levels and it comprises a total of 6 people. In other to progress, you need to refer 2 people (level 1) or 6 people (level2) and you qualify for the next stage with the incentives and earnings listed below:


Earnings and Incentives:

Level 1 referral bonus earned by referring 2 people: $8 X 2 people = $16

Level 2 referral bonus earned by referring a total of 6 people = $8 X 6 = $48

Matrix bonus for completing the associate level = $10

Total amount earned from first level (Associate Level) = $58 (i.e $48 + $10)


Stage 2 (Masters)

helping hands international login


The second stage (Master) consists of 2X5 matrix which is made up for 5 levels comprising a total of 62 people.

Level Money Earned – Nil

Level Money Earned – $100

Level Money Earned – $200

Level Money Earned – $300

Level Money Earned – $400

Total Money Earned = $1,000



helping hands international


To Join Helping Hands Today Call, Text or Whatsapp Me On 08037193840 

In addition, you also get a new HP Laptop, A GLO CUG Line and 10% matching bonus goes to upliner (10% of whatever your downline earns as referral bonus is paid to you).


Important: To cross over to stage 3 (Super Masters Stage) to get all the incentives and bonuses, you need to have completed stage 2. To move from stage 2 to stage 3, your 2 or 6 initial downlines from the previous stage (Associate Stage) must qualify to stage 2. When this happens, you automatically get to stage 3 (Super Master’s Stage).


Stage 3 ( Super Masters Stage)



helping hands international login


The Stage 3 (Super Master) is a 2X5 matrix made up of 5 levels comprising of a total of 62 people.

Level Money Earned – $200

Level Money Earned – $300

Level Money Earned – $500

Level Money Earned – $500

Level Money Earned – $1,500

Total Money Earned – $3,000


helping hands international




Please Note: You have to complete Stage 3 (Super Masters Stage) to progress to Stage 4 (Minister’s Stage) to get all the incentives and bonuses. In order for this to happen, your 62 downlines from the previous stage 2 (Master’s Stage) must qualify to stage 3 (Super Master’s Stage) and this will automatically take you to Stage 4 (Minister’s Stage).



Stage 4 ( Minister’s Stage)

helping hands international login

This is the fourth page ( Minister’s Stage), a 2X5 matrix made up of 5 levels comprising a total of 62 people.

Level Money Earned – $300

Level Money Earned – $300

Level Money Earned – $500

Level Money Earned – $900

Level Money Earned – $4000

Total Money Earned = N6,000


Bonus: In addition to the cash bonus you receive after completion of this stage, you receive the following:

  • Executive Jeep ( Hyundai Jeep) over $27,000
  • Empowerment of One Motherless Babies’ Home
  • Interest Free Load Up to $12,000 on Request
  • 5% ($300) Matching Bonus Paid to You As An Upiner From Your Downlines
  • Skill Acquisition


Please Note: In order to complete Stage 4 and progress to Stage 5 ( Prime Minister’s Stage) to receive all the incentives and bonuses all your 62 downlines from the previous Stage 3 (Super Master’s Stage) must qualify to Stage 4 (Minister’s Stage) and this would automatically take you to Stage 5.


Stage 5 ( Prime Minister)

helping hands international stage 5


This is the fifth stage (Prime Minister’s Stage), a (2X2) matrix made up of only 2 levels comprising of 6 people.

Level Money Earned – $2,000

Level Money Earned – $10,000

Total Money Earned = $12,000 ( Instant Payment)

Bonus: After you have complete this stage, you receive the following:

  • 5% Matching Bonus As An Upliner From Your Downlines – $600
  • Housing Fund – $40,000
  • All Expense Paid International Trip
  • Education Fund for 2 Children ($2,000)
  • Yearly Infinity Bonus – $5,000
  • Elite Club Membership Load Up To $44,000
  • And Other Incentives


Please Note: You have to complete stage 5 before you can move over to Stage 6 ( Trustee Stage) to get all the incentives and bonuses. In order for this to happen, all your 62 downlines from the previous Stage 4 ( Minster’s Stage) must qualify to stage 5 (Prime Minister’s Stage) and this will automatically take you to Stage 6 (Trustee Stage).


Stage 6 ( Trustee Stage)

helping hands international stage 5

This is the sixth stage (Trustee Stage), a (2X3). In order to qualify for this stage, you need to complete the previous stage (Prime Minister’s Stage) five times. The Trustee Matrix is made up of 2 levels comprising 14 people.


Total Money Earned: $100,000

Bonus: In addition to the cash incentive you get after completing this stage, you get the following:

Seat at the most prestigious board of H2i trustees. This is the most guarded position with power and influence that follows every diplomat.

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Nomination of Four Orphans ( Two From Your Religious Group and Two From Your Community)
  • Yearly International Trips
  • Supervise Empowerment Project Inspection Trips Abroad Twice
  • 1% Commission Earnings From Every H2i Member in Country.


How to Withdraw Your Earnings:

There are two possible ways to withdraw your earnings.

a. Using The e-Wallet Transfer System (i.e You Can Sell Your Earnings to Your Sponsor or Anyone For Cash Who In Turn Credits Your Bank Account With Equivalent Naira).


b. You Can Withdraw Via Bank Transfer but will take 3 working days and a charge of 10%. The first u

Important: I strongly recommend that you withdraw via the first method because as at this time of writing the other withdrawal methods have not been perfected, just so your money doesn’t get stuck.


Here’s How to Withdraw Your Money From Method 1:

Call your sponsor and inform him/her that you want to cash your earnings to your bank account. If he/ she does not have the equivalent, he/she will make arrangement with other members to get it for you.


helping hands international login


Why Join Helping Hands International?

  1. It doesn’t cost much to get in (Just $40 – N6,600) but we recommend starting with at least 3 accounts in order to get more benefits. 
  2. You are not required to sell anything.
  3. Your registration fee is one off
  4. No monthly purchase
  5. It’s very easy to understand
  6. Provide good support to build your team
  7. No monthly subscription
  8. The services sell itself without requiring you to explain several times to people or force them to join in order to make a sale.


How to Move Fast and Make More M0ney With Helping Hands


Register 7 accounts with N46,200, you will earn back N9570 immediately and you will be in stage 2
Register 15 accounts with N99,000, you will earn back N23,430 immediately and  must have completed stage 2 level 1
Register 31 accounts with N204,600, you will earn back N67,650 immediately and you must have completed stage 2 level 2
Register 63 accounts with N415,800, you will earn back N156,090 immediately and must have completed stage 2 level 3
Register 127 accounts with N838,200, you will earn back *N481,470* and must have completed stage 2 level 4
Register *255* accounts with *N1,683,000*you will earn back *N1,132,230* and must have completed stage 2 level 5 and move to stage 3 with your HP laptop or Lenovo *(not yet official) laptop while the *2nd and 3rd account would have completed stage 2 level 4*

How Do You Get People to Join Helping Hands International?

You can set up an online campaign just like the one I am currently running. When you join my team today, you can get spill overs from my advert campaigns as I keep on registering new downlines under the existing downlines. 


You can also recruit people offline into Helping Hands International by using fliers, doing seminars, etc. If you are on WhatsApp, you can easily share your opportunity with the contacts on your phone. You will be amazed at how much people will want to join this opportunity.


The ball is on your court now, do you want to get started and achieve similar results just like Dabira did? Use the form below to indicate interest so we can set up an account for you. We only need serious minded people so if you are not ready to work and learn then don’t join us. 


WhatApp 08037193840




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I got to go now.

Until next time.





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