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Helping Hands International – 5 Reasons Why a Business Seminar is Important


I never attended a physical business presentation before signing up with Helping Hands International. As a matter of fact, I have never seen my upline. I only watched a couple of videos, did a Google search and his page popped up on page 1 for the keyword “Helping Hands International


By the way, his name is Dayo Adetiloye ( He’s a great guy). After I joined H2i, I quickly set up a campaign that ran for a few days before Facebook was unable to charge my card; I think it’s due to our “Banking Policies”.


Now this campaign gave me over 700 leads and 10 sign ups in a few days.
I tried to train these guys through the same method but I discovered that most of them were not willing to invest any more money to promote their business, they would rather take a friend to a physical presentation center.


For a while I was thought about it.. People love to meet and feel people. Yeah it’s true that I can do webinars and stuffs like that online but most people want to be able to feel there are lots of others in the business.



Secondly, as a member of any Network Marketing Company, it’s important that you attend training of other members. Do you know why? You will learn a thing or two. Nobody knows it all! Every individual has a way of presenting an opportunity.



I have attended 3 different Helping Hands International training and I can tell you that I learned about stuffs I never knew. The facilitators approached the opportunity from several angles. It then clicked in my head that I should attend more physical training, it helps!



Okay, let’s see what Vineet Gupta has to say about this:

Are you the one who goes to the mlm business seminar whenever it happens in your mlm company or you go to the mlm business seminar whenever you are in mood to go? If your are the one who go as per your mood, then I believe you still need to understand What Helping Hands International MLM Business can give you, which any other professional might not!!


Isn’t MLM Business Seminar so important for your MLM business? My friend if you are involved in any mlm business, let me tell you very clearly attending every mlm business seminar is MUST for YOU, no EXCUSES accepted!!


Attending MLM Business Seminar is MUST for YOU

1) Belief in the MLM Industry & the Company you are with

mlm seminar – belief

If you had never been into MLM Business, then attending the business seminar that your mlm company conducts is utmost important for you. Because in such seminars you get a chance to meet with successful people in the mlm business, otherwise who belong from different walks of life, different professions.

After seeing their success you get the required confidence & belief that if they can do, so can you. If you want to join Helping Hands International, it’s wise to learn everything you need to know Right Here



2) Chance to Learn

mlm seminar – learn

Obviously if you are going for mlm business seminar regularly without a question you will learn something new every time. Like any other business, in mlm business you need to learn if you want to earn big money & get success. It’s not get rich quick system. You need to learn the basics of the mlm business.

NOTE: “Every Speaker who comes on stage has different content & style of doing the business”



I have seen people after attending mlm business seminar for 5 – 10 times they say what’s the need to attend the business seminar every time, the speaker who will come will repeat the same things. But that’s not at all true, every speaker has different content, they have different experiences in the business. You can learn from each & every person. Even today when I attend the business seminar I learn something or the other from other successful people around.


3) Duplication

mlm seminar – duplication

No matter you are new or very old to mlm business, once you have Team each & every action of yours becomes very vital. It’s always “Monkey See, Money Do”. Whatever your Team watches you doing, they copy that & do same. If you are not regular to mlm business seminar, you cannot expect your team to attend the seminar. If you don’t do it, you team will NEVER do it.


4) Bonding with Crossline

mlm seminar – crossline

It’s always good to have healthy relation with other Teams in the same organization. MLM Business Seminar is a great platform to do so. Sometimes you need to take help from crosslines, like you can exchange different & innovative ideas of growing the business, what’s their approach towards particular aspect, etc.


5) Motivation

mlm seminar – motivation

Here’s a famous quote from Zig Ziglar:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

We live in a world where we easily can find negative things around us. For example – watch news channel, you will get loads of negative stuff to suck your energy. Same is the case with newspapers, job politics, business headaches, etc, etc. so there’s so much, in excess of negativity.

Hence it gets very important for you to attend mlm business seminar, where you are surrounded with positive, ambitious entrepreneurs who go out there to achieve their Dreams & help you & motivate you for doing same.


To Conclude

Irrespective of your experience in MLM Business, till the time you are not financially free, you MUST attend & make your presence felt at mlm business seminar.

If you or any of your teammate is not regular to the business seminar I am sorry to say but you or that teammate of yours might not be able to sustain for long in the mlm business. Without knowledge, belief, motivation it’s difficult to survive in mlm business.

Want to join MLM and don’t know where to get started? Join Helping Hands here >>>


Comment below & let us know What you learn when you go for mlm business seminar? Shoot me an email


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