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Without marketing, your business at Helping Hands International would be redundant! People can’t buy what they don’t see, they can’t join your Network Marketing business, if you don’t tell them about it. The more you talk to people about your business, the better your chances of signing up prospects!



I am presently updating this blog from Asaba. I decided to try something differently for my Helping Hands International business from here. Usually, I recruit online but I thought I should go all out with the fliers yesterday. I love to experiment a lot in order to have stories to share with you. Everything can not work for everybody but one out of everything can work!



I had purchased some fliers before I left for Asaba (about 100 pieces to be precise). I felt this urge to be able to directly related with people after I discovered that most of my online prospects Helping Hands International are sitting on the fence to join the business because they can’t relate with me physically (if you fall under this category, please text your name, location and email to 08037193840) so I can direct you where to go for a physical seminar.



Back to my story, I hit the street on Friday in preparation for the Helping Hands International Saturday presentation in Plato Plaza, on DBS road, Asaba, Delta State. My friend had told me it was too late to share fliers for a Saturday presentation on a Friday . Even though there was a point in that, but I am a firm believer in ” Anything is Possible”, you just need to try!



First I needed to visit the Helping Hands International presentation venue for Friday at State Secretariat to introduce myself and pally with the facilitators, the bonding was great and they were very receptive (Thanks to Charles Tambou for the great training and Evelyn Ofoms for given me more marketing materials). 




After the seminar, I shook hands with them and thanked them. I needed to go to Onitsha to pick up some stuffs; I took a Tricycle (Keke as it’s called here) going to Express, while in the Keke I started a conversation with the guy on my left. Because of the way I presented the opportunity (which I will teach you when you join my team), he immediately got hooked and took the flier.



Surprisingly, the other guy seated on the front seat with the Keke guy requested for the flier even though I had not spoken to him (so that was two fliers gone out of 20 fliers I stepped out with). I boarded a bus on my way back to  Asaba and I spoke to the guy on my left again, he also got hooked.



I needed to share more fliers, so I went to the Cinema House; unfortunately there was more of teenagers but luckily a met a Bank marketer, he was trying to pitch me to open an account but I contra-pitched (if there’s any word like that) him and he took my flier.



It didn’t seem like I would make much progress at the Film House, so I stepped out and took another Keke (that reminds me I gave a flier to the Keke guy that took me to the film house and another girl seated beside me in that same keke). I had requested to be dropped at one round about at Nnebisi Road, I can’t remember the name. I gave out a couple of fliers before I stopped as it was already 7:30pm.


I counted the remaining fliers and it was 8 left, which means I gave out 12 fliers in total. 


Tips to Sharing Your Helping Hands International Fliers:

1. Dress well

2. Carry Yourself With Pride

3. Speak With Confidence

4. Be Prepared for Rejection, Objection and Criticism

5. Don’t Just Give Out The Fliers, Arouse Curiosity


Let me elaborate more on tip 5. When sharing fliers, don’t just hand over your fliers to just anybody! I apply a bit of psychology before I give out my fliers, body language matters a lot to me. You need to understand the time and the “assumed mood” of people before you hand them the flier.



I usually start with a smile before I approach my prospect, it makes them feel like we already met somewhere. I quickly introduce myself confidently and ask them if they are open to business opportunities. Some of them will ask what the presentation is all about, I just give them a few exciting tips by pitching the skill empowerment part of H2i.



Depends on who I meet, sometimes I tell the touchy story of Mrs. Luzviminda Mac-Elvis and then relate it to the vision and mission of Helping Hands International while also making them understand that they can donate to the cause and also make money while they do so.



It’s 10:00 am at the moment and I have about 5 more hours to go before the seminar. I just sent text messages to the prospects who have me their phone numbers to remind them of the seminar. I hope that they attend, even though I am quite sure they won’t all attend (Not that I’m not positive, if they all attend I would be glad), but I need to tell myself the truth!



This post will be updated after the seminar, I will let you know how many people attended the seminar and how many did not. Note that this is just an experiment so even if none of them shows up, don’t feel sorry for me 🙂 we are in this together; just stay glued you will hear from me at night.


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Update: It rained on the day of the seminar and most of my prospects could not make it 🙁

Anyways, if you want to join my Helping Hands International ” power team”, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP


I got to run now.

Until next



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