Helping Hands International – Great Ways to Sign Up Downlines

If you are not yet a member of Helping Hands International and still sitting on the fence, I’m quite sure that apart from not having the money; another major reason why you have not joined is because you are probably thinking ” how can I get people to join?” or ” what happens if I can’t get people to join”.



When I hear people say stuffs like that I begin to wonder what’s so hard in getting someone to pay N6,600 to start a home business. I mean, the cost of entry for Helping Hands International is affordable. You can’t start a good business with such an amount of money. 



Anyways, this article is not about the cost of entry; I’m about to reveal to you different methods that can help you recruit people into your team. Some of the methods are FREE while some are paid. My philosophy is this though, ” if you want to make money from any business, then you must advertise”.



If people can’t see your business opportunity, then they will definitely not join you. So let’s see some great methods that you can utilize to sign up downlines into your Helping Hands International business.



1. Facebook Groups:

You can leverage on the power of Facebook groups to sign up people into your Helping Hands International team. This method is a free method and only requires you to join ” business groups” with at least 5000 members, after you have been approved you can then post your opportunity to these groups.


Let’s See What’s Happening In One of The Groups I Joined:


helping hands international


helping hands international


As you can see from the picture above, that post has generated over 115 comments in 23 hours. The good thing is that most of the people who responded to the offer above are very interested. Now, there are two things you can do to take advantage of the power of this group.



a. Make Your Own Post: Before you make a post on the group, make sure you scroll through the group to observe what kind of posts generate a lot of buzz. From my observation, posts with more than one picture, especially the ones with Dollar notes, Naira notes, cars etc. usually have more people dropping their phone numbers.


You can adapt from the same post, make sure you edit it to suit your ” Helping Hands International” business. Don’t forget to include your phone number so you can have people contact you via phone calls or WhatsApp (preferably).



b. Extract Potential Prospects From Other People’s Post: When you go through a group and find out that most of the posts have people commenting and dropping their phone numbers, what you need to do is to copy all the phone numbers on that post, send them a bulk SMS and ask them to WhatsApp you.



How Do You Go About This For Your Helping Hands International Business?

Check for posts with people dropping their phone numbers, make sure you click ” show more comments’ to reveal all the numbers. Use ” CTRL A” to highlight the numbers, then go to your bulk sms platform and paste in the space where you have to input the numbers you want to send SMS to.


The software will automatically select only numbers and discard other data. You can then send SMS saying something like this ” Hi there, I noticed you are interested in legitimate business opportunities. I have a sustainable business to show to you, WhatsApp 080********* for more info.


2. Paid Facebook Ads: Most of the downlines I have recruited are from my paid advertising campaigns. Using the paid Facebook Ads option will help you target those who’d be interested in your business. All you need to do is to create a landing page, sales page, integrate your auto-responder codes and then drive traffic from Facebook.

I have written a post about this strategy, CLICK HERE TO READ IT



3. Bulk SMS: Using bulk SMS is a great way to get people to join your Helping Hands Business but there’s a strategy around it. I already talked about using bulk SMS while discussing about using Facebook groups. Did you get any idea from that explanation? The phone numbers you should send to have to be targeted!


Don’t just purchase phone numbers from anyone on the internet and begin to bombard them with text messages, most of them will not respond. Why? You are not even sure how the numbers were generated! You need to be sure of the source of the phone numbers otherwise you’d waste your money.


If you need a responsive list of phone numbers of ” business minded people” from 20 states in Nigeria, I can give it to you for a token, email me on to request for it. 



4. Fliers: You can also make use of fliers to share your business opportunity. But in order for you to get value for your money by using fliers, your flier design and text has to be catchy. If you print stuffs on plain white paper and expect people to show up for your event, sorry!


Most Nigerians are very sensitive, if your flier is well printed they will value it! Make sure that you are able to capture the interest of your prospects with a strong headline on the flier. I have written a detailed blog post about getting prospects by using fliers to invite people for your Helping Hands International seminar, CLICK HERE TO READ IT



5. Seminars: The benefits of having seminars cannot be over-emphasized. People want to be able to relate with the people they are having a business dealing with, also they’d like to be able to ask all the questions they want to face to face.

Organizing a seminar is great, depends on how you coordinate your seminar, you’d likely get people to join your Helping Hands International business. I have written a blog post that tells you why a business seminar is important. CLICK HERE TO READ IT


So there you have it, I’m sure you have learned a thing or two from this blog post. If you have any questions please feel free to drop it in the comment box below.


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I got to run now.

Until next time.




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