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helping hands international registration

The Helping Hands International registration process is quite easy but could be better. There are certain lapses that can be fixed to make the registration of new members easier and flexible. In this article, I’d be talking about both registration and matrix placement; I’d try as much as I can to break it out in steps so that you understand.


What You Need to Know About Helping Hands International Registration


The Helping Hands International registration requires that you make payment to your upline who in turn converts your Naira or which ever currency to the H2i dollar which presently stands at N165 per dollar.

To be quite frank, Helping Hands should step up their game and provide a more flexible way for members and prospects to register on the Network.



You see, in most cases, when people read your article online and contact you for the Helping Hands International registration process and you tell them to make payment to your bank account; many of them develop cold feet because they don’t know you and can’t immediately trust you to send money to you.

They’d rather ask you for Helping Hands bank account which until this moment is not available.



There are over hundreds of Network Marketing companies out there and most of them have an integrated payment system whereby prospects can fill the form themselves and make payments with their debit/credit cards.

They offer different options of making these payments; in the even where a cash deposit or transfer has to be made, it’s usually to the company account and not to an individual account.



Personally, I have lost a lot of potential downlines because they refuse to part with their N6,600 registration money owing to the fact that the organization should have a central account in its name where prospects can make payments to. 



I learnt that the Helping Hands International registration process would be better as they are currently upgrading the website, I hope they make this happen real soon.



What’s The Present Helping Hands International Registration Process Like?

1. You make payment to your upline. Say for example, you want to join Helping Hands under my team; you have to make payment of N6,600 to my bank account. After I acknowledge your payment, I’d request for your personal details which includes:

a. Your full names

b. Email address

c. Phone number

d. Date of birth

e. Home address

f. desired username


2. Your upline would then visit the Helping Hands International website, fill the registration form with the details you have given to him to create your username and password. Once done, quickly head over to the H2i website, login with the details and change your password. 



Matrix Placement During The Helping Hands International Registration

If you don’t understand the matrix placement of Helping Hands, you might make a mistake when placing downlines under your network.

There was a case of a guy who paid for 7 accounts in his name, but instead of spreading the accounts in such a way that the first account would move to stage 2, he did it the other way round and couldn’t make stage 2 with his 7 accounts.



Let’s use the 7 account scenario as an example:

With 7 accounts, you are supposed to have U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, U6 and U7 right? Now in order to rightly arrange the matrix, U1 is signed up under your referral. Then you place U2 and U3 to your left and right. Now with U2 and U3 on your left and right, place U4, U5, U6 and U7 under U2 and U3.



i.e U4 and U5 should be placed under U2 while U6 and U7 would be placed under U3. In order now to make mistakes, make sure you sign up all accounts directly under U1, by doing so the system will automatically place them where they should be. When registering, always take note of the username in the referral section.



If you sign up U2 under U1, when you click on register again, the referral ID would still recognize U2 so please make sure that you don’t make that mistake because if you do, your matrix would not be well arranged. While your team is growing, you can also decide on which accounts to fix new downlines to balance your matrix. 


Do You Now Understand The Helping Hands International Registration Process?

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