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Helping Hands International: How to Get Quality Downlines With Facebook Ads

helping hands internationalRecruiting downlines for Helping Hands International appears to be an arduous task for most people. The introverted ones especially get hit the most because they find it very difficult to relate with people, not to talk of convincing somebody to sign up for H2i.


People hate rejection and would rather be in their own space rather than trying to shove a network marketing business opportunity in the face of friends, family members or random people on the street and getting turned down.



In this article, I will show you how to recruit downlines into your Helping Hands International business without having to force or bug anybody to join.

You will be surprised at how people will almost immediately sign up if you present them your business offer in an appropriate manner. If you find it difficult to recruit then read this letter to the latter because I have written it specifically for you. 



Since joining Helping Hands International, I can’t remember trying to compel anybody I know to join. The truth is that I have never met or set my eyes on most of my downlines! If you are ready to learn then I will teach you exactly how I recruit people online.


Here’s What You Need to Make This Work:

  1. A website (You need to purchase and domain and hosting account). You can get a free domain name when you purchase hosting by CLICKING HERE
  2. A squeeze page to collect email leads and a sales copy to present your offer.
  3. An auto-responder to store the emails and send follow up messages.
  4. Advertising budget of at least $200 to promote your website on Facebook


If you own a website or blog, then it’s to your advantage but if you don’t own one, you can start by creating one today. Building a website is no longer rocket science, with the availability of WordPress, Joomla etc, you can set up a website in 24 hours or less.


If you can’t design a website yourself, I can help you ease the stress for a FEE and save you the stress of the technicalities involved. But if you choose to create a website yourself but don’t know how, I have embedded a tutorial below that shows you how to create a website using WordPress.


After installing WordPress, the next step is to write your sales copy for the landing page and sales copy. A landing page is a single page on your website specifically designed to collect the email addresses of your prospects. It should have a strong headline and call to action to make your website visitors enter their names, emails or any other personal details you need from them.



The sales page is where the selling happens. A good sales page should also have a good headline and be structured in such a way that it provokes the emotions of your prospect to take action. You need to find a hook, for my Helping Hands International Campaign, I used the free laptop and free car hook to sucker my visitors into my sales funnel.



The importance of an auto-responder is email marketing cannot be overemphasized. An auto-responder as the name implies is a piece of software that helps you to store your email leads and automatically send them emails over a period of time. You only set it up once, program the emails and it runs on auto-pilot.



Having a website is no guarantee that you will make lots of sales. Without traffic to your website, nothing will happen. It’s like owning a store without anyone visiting, you will never make a sale. With Facebook advertising, you can target only those people whom you want to see your advert.



Facebook is so awesome that you can target business people, those interested in personal development or making money on the internet. Setting up a high converting Facebook Ads requires testing and patience. If you are not patient enough, you will spend lots of money without getting any meaningful result.


With a budget of $200, you can get over 500 quality email leads that you can promote the Helping Hands International Business to. Below is one of the campaigns I am currently running on Facebook:

helping hands international facebook ads

As you can see from the image above, the ” Click Through Rate” is 2.79% and I am paying $0.02 per click. I only started this campaign 5 days ago on a $5 daily budget. Now let’s see the result of this campaign. I will show you how many subscribers I have gotten so far:


helping hands international


And then see a few responses from subscribers below:

helping hands international


helping hands international


helping hands international


You can see how this system works right? Simple and straight to the point! Your only job is to:

1. Set up your sales funnel

2. Set up your Advert on Facebook

3. Respond to emails

4. Respond to phone calls or text

5. Chat on Whatsapp

6. Covert your prospects and get paid


If you are already a member of helping hands international and you find it difficult to recruit downlines, then this strategy will help you. I am presently offering to do this set up for the next 20 persons that join my time. Usually it costs anything between N50,000 to N100,000 to set up this kind of system.


But because I have your best interest at heart, I am ready to do it free. Please note that this offer is only valid for 72 hours after which I will charge a fee for the set up. If you have joined h2i under a different team, you have to pay for the set up.


I hope you learned a thing or two from this article.

If you enjoyed it, please use the social media share button below to share with your friends and loved ones.


P.S: Want to join Helping Hands International and don’t know where to get started? CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM



Until next time.



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