Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Blogging

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In the earlier years of the “blogging phenomenon”, a few creative people who had recognized the gold mine had taken advantage of the blogging business.

Most of the early bloggers blogged more about their personal lives while others blogged about a variety of other things. Most of the early time bloggers never bothered about anything like page rank, SEO and stuffs like that – they were mostly interested on writing their post and hitting on the publish button to get soon online.


But times have changed since then, taking a look at the advancement in blogging industry; say from 5 years ago, blogging has transformed into a different kind of business.

There have been a lot of changes since people started becoming more aware of the potentiality of being a blogger. Even as at this time of writing, I am pretty sure that hundreds to thousands of people all over the world are creating their own blogs right now.


As a matter of fact, blogging is taken as a serious business these days. Business owners, marketers and individuals understand that with blogging, they can get more traffic to their websites. Some business owners have even gone as far hiring people to write contents for their blog on a daily basis; some on a fixed monthly salary while others on a “pay per content” basis.

Truthfully, writing contents for a blog isn’t that easy; it’s stressful as you always have to think of what to write and sometimes you are not just in the mood to write anything.


While blogging is a good way of getting traffic and becoming a known brand on the internet, it seems to have become a more complex process compared to what it was in the past. Business people are finding it difficult to stay abreast of the game due to the every changing Google algorithm, SEO and the rest of them.


With all these happenings, blog owners have been forced to make a choice between keeping their blog or quitting their blog. In the next few paragraphs you will understand if you should keep blogging or quit blogging.


Now to the big question…

Why should your business keep blogging?

1) Blogging Consistently Will Help Build Trust and Credibility

Apart from the fact that blogging is a necessary tool for lead generation; your blog is also a very good way to build trust and credibility. I know this because I own this blog and the respect and trust I have gotten so far is overwhelming.


Every day I get lots of emails and text messages telling how useful my content is. By constantly providing “good content” on your blog, you would end up becoming a credible person; people will run to you for help and advice in your area of expertise. People will also feel comfortable doing business with you because you are not hidden; you are all over the internet!


2) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still an important thing

Despite the fact that Google is changing algorithm and all that, SEO still plays an important role and is one of the reasons you should keep your blogging business.

Over time, I have discovered that the majority of my blog visitors come from the search engines; and most of these visitors finally become buyers of my digital products. With SEO, you will get found online when a search is made with appropriate keywords. With fresh contents on your blog on a regular basis, it’s very likely you will get found easily.


3) Opportunity to Network

I can’t count the number of times I have been invited to attend high profile events as a blogger. I get lots of emails for collaborations and stuffs because of my blog.

As a blogger you can open up more business opportunities especially within the community of bloggers. You can be invited for a speaking gig, lecture, seminar and people will also reach out to you to teach them how to blog and all.


4) Your Readers Always Want to Hear From You

During the initial days or months of your blogging business, you may likely feel discouraged when you publish post and don’t get any comments. I know this because I felt the same way a year ago but later on I noticed that there are hundreds to thousands of people that read blogs without commenting.


I got all revved up when people started calling me to tell me how long they have been following my blog and I am like “ wow”, for real? You have been reading my blog that long! So please do not feel discouraged when you don’t see people commenting on your blog, it doesn’t mean that nobody is reading your blog.


One great way of overcoming the “lack of comment worry” is to integrate Google Analytics into your blog. The analytics tool is a free tool that gives you a great insight as to how your website is being found by people on the internet.  Having this information alone will keep you pumped up to keep blogging.


5) Practice Makes Improvement

Blogging regularly helps you improve your writing skills. I am not a perfect writer; I still have my writing flaws here and there but I can attest to the fact that over a period of time my writing has improved tremendously. Though I must confess that it’s not easy writing posts and most bloggers experience what we know as “writer’s block”, if care is not taken at this point you might want to take a break which in most cases becomes permanent.


At your “high point” you can write more than one content so that you have something to post when you are in your “low period” of writing; I mean that period when you feel unmotivated to write. In order to improve, you need to keep on writing because the more you do a particular thing, the better you become.


If you have any other reasons for blogging, you can kindly share in the comment blog. Let’s discuss.

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