Hot Product Ideas That Can Make You Millions Before The End of 2017

hot products ideas

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I’m currently promoting Precious NG power packed CBS course where you can learn how to make N500,000 – N1,000,000 online by selling information. CLICK HERE TO ACCESSThe information I’m about to share with you is an extract from one of the resources he’s shared to launch his program.


In order to make money online, you need to sell something. But you need to know what to sell and to whom to sell to right? Otherwise you’d be wasting your time. So in this free resource, you’d learn about the hot selling niches that can make you millions of Naira.


Read and enjoy!

hot products ideas



All Ideas Are NOT Created Equal

hot product ideas

My ability to sell more products and generate more profits than most other marketers come from one single thing…


“The Kind of Products I Sell”

I love selling what the industry refer to as “desperate and embarrassing products”, these are products that solve problems the target audience is truly pressed to find solution to and most times are embarrassed of having such problem in the first place.


Such examples are: spouse cheating, health issues (fibroid, colon cleanse, bad breadth), financial freedom (making money) etc.

The game plan is that even before I spend a minute of my life creating a product around to solve the problem, the audience are already begging everywhere for solution so when they see my offer, they stopping everything they’re doing and buying it immediately.

Selling products around these ideas is the reason we’re able to put in $303.52 ad spend into our traffic generation and make back $6,439 immediately.

hot product ideas


As a marketer, before you create that digital product, you must realize that “all ideas are not equal”, some may sell more than others. Though this doesn’t matter for now, the most important thing right now is that you’re selling.


Another factor that greatly influences how profitable your new internet business will be the market size of your niche. If you’re creating a product for a niche with a very small target audience, you won’t sell a lot of it compared to when you create a product for a niche with vast audience. Think of it like creating a computer training course to sell in Nigeria and instead of creating the course primarily for Window PC (HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Sony) users, you created the course based on Apple MacBook.


You’ll sell far less because very few people in Nigeria have Apple MacBook compare to the millions of windows computer users, the ratio will be somewhere around 1:200 to as much as 1:1,000. To help you get started online and succeed really fast, I decided to give the most valuable gift ever.


No more guess work! I’m giving you the “EXACT” product ideas you can cash in on right now, 30 of them in total. I’ve never done this for anyone, it’s like I’m typically just handing over the money printer to you and telling you to go print your own cash.


These are all certified millionaire product ideas, I’m selling products based on some of them right now and each of them has brought in millions, I personally extracted them for you from our company’s secret archive. All you need to do now is create a product around this idea and you can become a cash king before the end of 2017, you can just work on 1 idea or may 2 to max 3, you don’t need more to avoid being thinned out.


Inside the main CreateBuildSell coaching program, we give you access to over 100 of our best selling product ideas, I will even expose to you the exact ones my company is profiting from right now. Join the CBS training program now, it’s the best thing to ever happen in Nigeria digital marketing, we’re changing lives and making new millionaires.



If you have questions or need help in building your internet business, feel free to email me on


The Hot List

1. Flawless Skin Whitening

2. Get Uninterrupted 24/7 Electricity

3. Grow and Groom Your Beards

4. Get Attention of Any Woman and Get Her Number

5. Make Any Woman Laugh & Get Her Interested in You

6. Save Your Marriage from Collapse

7. Get Rid of Dark Knuckles & Knees

8. Cut Down Your Power Bill

9. Get Six Pack Abs and Build Up Muscles

10. Loose Weight and Get Flat Tummy

11. Get Bigger Butt

12. Get Attention of Any Woman on Social Media and Make Her Fall in Love with You

13. Naturally Cure Fibroid

14. Cure/Get Rid/Prevent Bad Breadth (Mouth Odor)

15. How to Whiten Your Teeth to Look Flawless

16. Prevent Body Odor

17. Turn Your Home into a Secured Fortress That’s Impenetrable

18. Self Defense/Evasion Tactics that Will Protect You from Any Situation (even Kidnapping)

19. Quit Alcohol Addiction

20. Naturally Cure Stretch Marks

21. Make Penis Bigger

22. Tighter Virgin-Like Vagina

23. Stop Heartburn Forever

24. Permanently Cure Arthritis

25. Learning Course for Your Children to Make Them Smarter than Their Schoolmates

26. Make Any Man Sexually Obsessed with You

27. How to Get A Loan from Any Bank in Nigeria Easily

28. Get An Interest Free Loan

29. Get A Loan without Collateral

30. Build Your Own Beautiful House with a Mere Civil Servant Salary



There you go my friend, pick up these ideas, create products on them and start crushing it… Remember that the 3 stage formula is this to discovering exactly what product you should create that people will rush and buy is.

– Niche

 Problems ▪ Solutions (Your Products)


Here are live examples where I demonstrate how to narrow down.

TIP 1: for each problem in every niche, I show you sample products that other internet marketers have already created and are making a lot of money from


TIP 2: I throw in yellow highlight in some of them to show you sample products our company is already selling products in and making a killing though for our own privacy, I did not showcase our products (that’s like giving you password to our ATM cards lol).

NICHE PROBLEMS SOLUTIONS (YOUR PRODUCT) EX: Sample Products Marriage Cheating Spouse, glove Boring

Sex/No Romance

Childlessness, /free-video.php

Crashing Marriage, m/smmt1.php

Relationship Friendzone how-to-quit-being-a-loser-withwomen-ebook/

Low Stamina/Premature Ejaculation,, ex1xyt.php

Can’t Attract A Woman ndex-10.php,

Shyness Ex 1.php,

Getting Laid rambler.htm, Texting

Health & Fitness Bad Metabolism & Poor Digestions tdetox/ Aging,, m/recipe-ebook.html,


Fibroid ids-Miracle.php

Poor Vision, yesightnaturally/

Fat, Over weight, m/index.html,

Get Six Pack,

Build Muscles /, nabolicstretching/,

Kidney, Liver, Heartburn,, 2017.php,

High Blood Pressure /ptn/cb/1,

Bad Breath m/,,

Beauty & Skin Care Bald Hair/Hair Loss,, /

Eczema, Dandruff scalptreatment, -grow-secrets,,,

Flat Butt,,,

Dark Knuckles, Uneven Skin Color,, Pimples, Acne,,

Stretch Mark, Cellulite, m/stretchmarksremoval, ll-desktop-v1-withoutdoodle-p3.php,, /,

Scar This is just a complete tease compared to the massive niche and products online, I only showcased the few stuff I did here to give you insight on how to get started.


Inside my CreateBuildSell training program, we have hundreds more of these hot ideas ready for you to cash in on right away, what you’re seeing here doesn’t even qualify as a tip of the iceberg compared to what we’ll give you in the CBS program.


Real product ideas to make money from right away. Even better, we also show you exactly how to take each idea and create a valuable digital product that thousands of people will buy. We take you by the hand and coach on building a successful and super profitable internet business with guarantee of results in 30 days if you take action.


CBS (CreateBuildSell) training program will open to Nigerian in October 2017. What I did with CBS is show you can to create a digital product then take that product and turn it into millions of naira in profits in matter of weeks. And so much more!


To join the CreateBuildSell program waiting list and get notified when we go live, CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS

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