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How to Become a Mystery Shopper In Nigeria

Are you looking for a way to earn an extra income, then let me show you how to become a mystery shopper in Nigeria? I mean, the economy is harsh and everyone is looking for an alternate way to make money.


Obviously, depending on one source of income would do you no good, in this article, I’d share with you a personal experience of how I made over $560 as a mystery shopper some years back. 


Infact, that experience got me my first public speaking gig in the IM world; I was invited by Mr. Henry Omenogor of the then Menog Business. Even though I wasn’t expecting to get anything from my 30 minute speech, he gave me N7,000, patted me on the back and said ” you did great“.


It feels so good when you give a speech that gets to the heart of people, not just a speech but giving them information on how to become a mystery shopper in Nigeria and make some side money! Anyway, that’s by the way.


Let’s Proceed…

What Is Mystery Shopping?

According to Wikipedia

how to become a mystery shopper


So in essence, mystery shopping is the act of evaluating businesses by using a mystery shopper ( like you).

Only a few companies carry out these kind of evaluation themselves; the majority usually utilize the services of mystery shopping companies who already have a database of mystery shoppers locally/international to perform such services.


A mystery shopping gig can pay you anything between $5 – $20 depends on the company. Sometimes you’d also have benefits such as keeping the item purchased ( if there was a purchase made). 


So Here’s How It Works:

Let’s say a company in the United States has affiliated companies here in Nigeria and want to measure their quality of service, they would seek for the service of a mystery shopping company that has mystery shoppers in Nigeria.


The assignment could be visiting a particular store, pro-metric centers for writing professional exams etc. You would be required to act like a normal customer and ask certain questions that would be communicated with you. 

I got to know about the mystery shopping stuff in 2010 after my NYSC, after rigorous web research I found this company. They assigned me ” a check” almost immediately.


By check I mean a job.. I was given instructions to visit a prometric center ( can’t mention the names now), I was asked to check for the name of the staff, if the center had access to disability and some other stuffs like that.


After the check, I went back to my computer to fill the questionnaire which was provided to me online.

A few days after completing the questionnaire, I was paid straight to my domiciliary account. When I first started, it felt a little awkward acting like a spy or something.


But later on, as I carried out more checks, it became normal!


Let’s See Some Of The Mystery Shopping Jobs Recently Assigned To Me:


how to become a mystery shopper


how to become a mystery shopper


As you can see, those jobs are recent; I couldn’t take on the jobs because I wasn’t travelling… Not just that, I have stopped taking on jobs from them. I have other stuffs to take care of, if you have some free time you can do it. 


Mystery shopping jobs will not make you rich, but at least it can put some change in your pocket. If you do a Google search on “how to make money as a mystery shopper“, you will find lots of information with the majority trying to sell you stuffs and/or asking you to register. 


There’s a whole lot of them out there but it’s going to take you lots of research to get the few genuine ones.

The good new is that you don’t have to stress yourself checking for the companies; you can if you want to though but I can give you a link to the same mystery shopping company that paid me up to $560 a few years ago. 


Do you want to know how to become a mystery shopper in Nigeria?

I’d love to drop a link here but it’s not ideal, so if you are interested, send an email to with the subject ” request to join mystery shopping company”.


After I receive your request, I will email you a link to get started. It’s FREE! 

You can find a great resource on how to become a mystery shopper online and how a guy made $14,000 a year as a mystery shopper. 


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Until next time.



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