How to Boost Your Office’s Productivity




The place where you spend most of your time impacts your mood in the same way the place you work at has an impact on how you work.

That implies that the design of the office space affects your ability to focus on your work task, stay focused throughout the day and your productivity in general.


But it is not all about rearranging office furniture according to Feng Shui – it is about intertwining simple updates to make your employees comfortable in the office and boost their productivity. Here are some simple adjustment tips that will help you motivate your workers.


Different spaces for different tasks

It would be great if you could create different spaces for your employees to work from. Changing the location and being able to move around to solve different tasks shifts your brain, help you stay focused and be more productive.




Create several zones, private offices, and conference rooms, provide both chairs and tables and standing tables, make sure to have a break-out room, kitchen, lounge area.

These various spaces will vary the employees’ routine and give them the opportunity to walk around, be more active and put themselves in a new space with different qualities and things to look at that will help with solving problems and being more innovative.


De-cluttered and organized space

One of the most important steps when boosting your office’s productivity is to keep it de-cluttered. Cluttered spaces tend to make people nervous and affect their focus and therefore productivity as well.

Make rules about cleaning and leaving stuff around the office, check if things are put away, organized or filed and inspire employees to do the same at their tables and leisure zones. A lot of cleaning depends on the professional cleaning service but you can still motivate your coworkers and employees to keep the space tidy and clean, for all of you!


Team building activities

Make the workplace fun and inspire your workers to contribute to the break room and bring things they enjoy doing. Make sure the offices have a good vibe because more work will be done if the atmosphere is just right and stress-free.

Investing in a billiard table or dart board is a great investment for the office bonding time that can be organized well, at work. You can make it more official, order catering and drinks, hire a photobooth, bring a DJ and organize a Friday after work office party.



Proper lighting equals productivity

Think about the lightning – think about how lit the office spaces are and if the work atmosphere inspires productivity. A well-lit office with proper lighting is the most important factor for boosting your employees’ productivity. Bad lighting can cause a headache, eyestrain, irritability and creates an uncomfortable vibe – an unproductive work environment.


Make sure to choose natural light bulbs and warm light; remove curtains and let more natural light in. Create rest zones with a comfy atmosphere and use floor lamps to light them.


Comfort comes first

Let’s face it, most of us live a sedentary lifestyle that affects our health and well being. Since most of the day, your employees spend sitting it is essential to invest in the correctly fitted table and chair.


Choosing an ergonomic chair is as important as choosing a bed mattress. You should ensure that while sitting, every employee’s computer is at the right height (24-36 inches distance from the computer screen, top of the monitor at eye-level) and choose wide tables and fitting chair that have adjustable height. Allow your workers to bring pillows to work to adjust the chair. 


Follow these tips to boost your office’s productivity and motivate your workers. As long as you keep them happy, satisfied and knowing they can talk to you about any difficulty regarding work or even private problems you will have a stress-free work environment, a productive business that is only going to progress over the years.




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