How to Earn Money From Developing Android Apps

It is very possible that you have come here looking for how to earn money from developing android apps. First, let me tell you that yes; it is possible to earn money creating a free app, and not just that, you can earn money by learning how to create apps professional apps from scratch.


The creation of apps is expanding more and more, it is rare to find a company that does not have their own, that is why it is so easy to make money programming apps, because there is a high demand for applications, in this article I will explain how create a web app, earn money from developing android apps and how to create an app on android.


In the past, it was necessary to learn a programming language to create free applications for mobile devices . Also, the developers were quite expensive to hire. For example, the cost is to hire a full-time programmer with about 5 years of experience can cost around $ 2,100 / month. Some charge per hour, around $ 13 – $ 50 or even more.


But fortunately, times have changed and nowadays you can create applications by yourself without knowing how to program and totally free. There are many platforms that allow you to create, design and distribute apps easily and quickly. Like this one HERE


As I mentioned before, I am going to detail the ways in which you can monetize your applications . If you already have a business or want to start your own application business, here are some ways and steps to follow to make money.


1. Use your application as a tool to promote your business. Here the goal is not to make money with the app itself, but to promote your business to get more customers, sales, or subscribers. Promoting your business through your application can be enough to create interest for your brand and increase the income of your company / business / store or blog.


2. Create and sell applications for other companies or organizations. If you are already able to create and promote your own applications, you can also consider creating and selling appeals for third parties.


You can even create a business that is dedicated to creating and distributing applications for others. This is a niche in high demand. There are many companies willing to pay for the creation of apps for their products or services, since they do not have time to do them on their own, and prefer to entrust this work to someone else.


3. Sell your application on the App Store or Google Play. If your app has high-quality content or is capable of making life relatively easier for many people, you can undoubtedly charge them for downloading your app. Just create your app, publish it on the App Store and Google Play, promote it and you just have to wait to start getting downloads and earn money.


4. Offer free downloads and charges for use. If the purpose of your application is to offer some kind of service, you can charge your customers for it. This type of monetization is known as “freemium” and consists of selling your products or services through your applications (in-app purchases).


5. Offer free downloads and monetize with ads. One way to ensure that your app will reach the hands of many users is by making it free. A free application has many more downloads than a paid one and can also monetize with ads. This works exactly the same as with YouTube ads. One of the most used companies for this is Admob which is also from Google and works the same as Google Adsense for web pages.


Creating a website app is simply transforming the website into a mobile format, so that if a visitor wants to enter our website from the mobile, they will enter through the application, which is specially optimized for mobile devices.


The creation of apps can be through code (this is how we can earn money by programming) or through some application that generates the code and in this way we do not need any programming knowledge, such as THIS APP HERE


In addition, it is increasingly easy to enter the world of app creation , since there are endless courses where they teach us how to make money by programming applications or designing Android apps and that provide us with ideas to create an app.


Conclusion on How to Earn Money From Developing Android Apps

It is becoming easier to earn money with apps due to the multiple forms of monetization. An app can be monetized just like a web page . It is also an asset, you can sell it whenever you want.



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