Expertnaire is an amazing platform that provides you with the opportunity to make 6-7 figures every month from it’s affiliate marketing platform. Before I proceed with this article, I’d like to say kudos to Toyin Omotoso for the good work he has put in so far on the platform.


Apart from just uploading products on the platform for the affiliates to promote, Toyin and his team go an extra mile by providing weekly trainings for their affiliates. So if you were a newbie and just signed up to the platform, you will be bombarded with the “Zoom Meetings” which holds almost every week.


On Wednesday 23rd October, 2019, there was a physical seminar somewhere in Lekki and do you know what? It was FREE. I think this Man just wants everyone to succeed. Anyways… let’s get back to the “koko of the matter”.


Is it possible to make 6-7 figures from expertnaire?



Oh well, yes it is! The screenshot above is just chicken fee. I was able to make that money with very little promotion. I sent an email to my list of about 67,000 people and also I have embedded the expertnaire banners on the right hand side of my blog.


There are other people doing good figures from this amazing business and do go thing is… You don’t need to deal with those annoying “pay on delivery customers” that frustrate you when you send a dispatch rider to them, you don’t need to handle any kind of inventory.


You only need to be able to create a sales funnel, send “targeted” traffic to it, build an email list and watch the money roll in.




As easy as this may sound, it’s actually a complex process for money. Hence the reason why Toyin created the 72 Hour Income course which is the best starting point for anyone who wants to make money from the expertnaire network. If you master the art of creating a sales funnel and sending targeted traffic to your funnel, you will make good money from affiliate marketing.


How to Register on Exper-tnaire

Unlike other affiliate networks that are free to join, expertnaire charges a flat fee of N10,000. They charge a fee because they want to be able to have only serious people on the platform, otherwise anybody can just create an account and not do anything with it. People place more value on the things they paid for.


To register >>> CLICK HERE <<<

To access the 72 hour income course >>> CLICK HERE <<<

While registering directly on the network costs N10,000, access to the 72 hour income course cost N30,000. But when you purchase the 72 hour income course, you will get access to the platform free of charge plus indepth training on how to make money quickly.


So there you have it, your call! Register on expertnaire and get access to the courses to promo or get the 72 hour income course to get free access to the network and training to guide you through.


P.S: There’s also a telegram support group where you can also learn more about the affiliate marketing business and how you can make even more money.


I hope you enjoyed this.


Until next time







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