How to Make Money on Facebook

How to Make Money on Facebook

Are you looking for how to make money on Facebook? You’ve probably heard a lot of people claim to make money online by leveraging on Facebook but you likely don’t know how to go about it. If this is your situation, then hang on, because super Man Victor is about to show you exactly how you can do that.



But first, you need to know….



If your strategy works out well, on the long run the paid method will start bringing results just like the free one. But I still maintain, that you must have a strategy! For example, I know of one of my Facebook friends that sells wigs, she’s funny… she mixes entertainment with her wig selling and people patronize her.



If there’s one thing I know, Kate Bassey is a clown! She’s real, she’s funny and she sells wigs! Do you need wigs for yourself or do you want to gift your girlfriend on Wife? Contact her.

Kate Bassey



I know of another who sells skin care products, she’s entertaining as well… Last time I checked, her business was has expanded; she just paid for an outlet…. Most of her customers come from her Facebook friends, I’m not sure she runs paid Facebook ads.



Her name’s Chinwenmeri Joy Hsm on Facebook, incase you need natural skin care products, she’s your to go person. One thing I love about her is that she doesn’t use filters, her skin is as flawless as what she advertises! I know so because she once did a live video of herself taking her bath 🙂


Chinwenmeri Joy Hsm


Let me stop here for now with the examples before you think it’s a paid advert 🙂 There are still more people making money on Facebook for free that I know, but that’s story for another day.

I believe you are beginning to have ideas already….



Here’s Exactly How To Make Money On Facebook Using Free Methods


The method I’m about to reveal to you does not involve posting pictures and videos on your personal account like the examples I gave earlier, this is more strategic. So how do you go about it?



1. Decide on the Niche to Serve: You need to first decide the niche you are passionate about, are you passionate or knowledgeable about weight loss, beauty tips, affiliate marketing, blogging? You should have the answers to that first, you need to be able to narrow down and focus on just one group of people.



2. Join Facebook Groups & Provide Value: Don’t just join a Facebook group and start spamming them! It’s important that you give out value, build trust by consistently giving them free information, once they are comfortable with you, they’d by any product or service you recommend. 



It’s important that you join groups with a sizeable amount of people, let’s say from 5,000 members and above. Join as many groups as possible, interact with other people’s post and then continue providing valuable contents. Over tine, you’d get a following, people will add you up and send you a message to get more info.



3. Create Your Own Facebook Group: The reason why I love this option is that you’d be in control of the activities of the group! YES, Can you imagine having a group with over 200,000 targeted people? Like you can literally get this figure if you consistently work on it for 6 months!



Let’s say you have a following of single ladies who have gotten to the age of marriage, you can keep sharing valuable contents with them for free, when you write a book or launch a course and recommend to them, they’d buy because they would have come to trust you. You can either sell your products or sign up for an affiliate program to sell their products for a commission.



Do you understand? If you have been looking for how to make money on Facebook for free then this is exactly what you need to do. Will you like to learn how to make your Facebook group popular and grow to over 300,000 members in 6 months? Do you know you can make up to N400,000 every month with this strategy?


If you’d want to learn more, then watch this free video, >>> CLICK HERE <<<



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