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How to Sell a Product Online – 5 Powerful Steps To Make Lots Of Sales


Granted, the best way to make money online is to learn how to sell a product!

The product could either be digital products or physical products.


Personally, I have sold lots of products ( both digital and physical) using the power of the internet as a leverage. The internet makes selling easy but only if you learn how to make it work for you.


One of the reasons why most people hate selling is because they can’t face ” Rejection”. Another reason could be that they are shy or agoraphobic.

Even you, I’m 90% sure you might detest selling but the truth is this; we all sell in one way or the other.


What do you do when you go for a job interview? Of course you sell yourself!

If any of the above describes you, don’t worry I will teach you how to sell a product online in such a way that you won’t face rejection or even have to meet your customers ( if you don’t feel comfortable meeting them).


Many years ago, I did’t know how to sell a product online, I tried my hands on a couple of ways but I wasn’t making any progress not until I invested money in some training that I began to understand how easy it was to sell online.

Just before you get all excited, there are certain things that needs to be put in place before you are able to successfully make a sale online.  


You don’t want to sell your products like those guys that ” jump from one bus to the other” just to sell drugs or whatever it is they are selling to passengers. NO! There is a better way to sell.


1. Research: I usually skipped this part when I didn’t have adequate knowledge of how to sell a product online. Carrying out a research is crucial if you want to achieve a high degree of success by selling online.

You don’t just sell any kind of product, you need to know what people are already buying.

Let’s say you want to create a digital product, you don’t assume that people will love your product because you think it’s great, NO that’s a wrong approach. 


You have to carry out an in-depth research to know what people are buying. For example, in recent times I switched to selling hair products. Why? Because I found out from research that people are spending lots of monies on hair products.


  • People want to grow hair on bald region
  • People want to grow beard
  • People want to grow side board
  • People want to stop their hair from thinning
  • People want to have rich and thick hair
  • People want to make their gray hair turn black 


Damn, this is huge… You know what I mean?

According to a CNN Report by  Phoebe Parke the hair care industry is a billion dollar industry. You’d be surprised at the number of people who want to grow hair. 


With the results of this research, I knew there was money to made from this niche since there are lots of people already paying for hair products, so what did I do next?


2. Get a Product That Works: After I had ascertained that there’s money to be made from the hair care industry, the next thing I did was to look for a product that solves the problem of hair loss. 

Again, I researched and found out there were lots of sprays and creams being touted on the internet promising to grow hair and all that.


I needed to be sure of the product because I wouldn’t want to sell a product that doesn’t work! That would be a dent on my personality and business. 

Finally I found a product and decided to give it a shot. First I started by using the product ( I’m bald if you noticed :)) and then I sold one to another woman. 


2 weeks later, I started noticing hair gradually springing up in the receded areas of my head.

Surprisingly the woman I sold the product to called me, sounding so excited she exclaimed ” Thank You Mr. Victor, Thank You So Much”, my hair has grown back to normal. 


With that, I had enough proof that the product works and I was good to go in promoting it. What did I do next?


3. Set Up a Squeeze and Sales Page: This part is very crucial when learning how to sell a product online. I had learned about the art of creating a squeeze page, sales page and writing a sales copy.


I wouldn’t consider myself a professional but then I’m confident that at a great percentage of the people who read my sales page will buy my product. 


A squeeze page is a one paged website that serves the purpose of collecting personal data of your prospects. Once you have their data, you can send them follow up emails.

The sales page on the other hand, is the page the sells the benefits of your products. It highlights everything your prospective customer needs to know about the product.


Not everyone who stumbles on your page will buy immediately, some will take a while… Maybe because they don’t trust you yet. But as they receive your educative or entertaining emails, one day they will buy your product. So what next after this?


4. Traffic: Having a squeeze and sales page is not enough, if your target audience don’t see the pages, then they won’t buy anything from you.

Your job is to promote and put the page in the eyes of those people who’d be interested in purchasing your product. This is where Facebook comes in handy! With Facebook Ads, you can target people by interest, likes, age etc.


Facebook makes it very easy for you to reach those people who are already 98% interested in your product. So just give them a good offer, they will buy! There are lots of courses out there on the internet that shows you how to sell your products online using Facebook.


A little research on Google or YouTube will give you lots of tutorial guide on how to effectively set up a Facebook marketing campaign for your product.


5. Sales and Delivery: Delivering your product to your customer is very easy when you are selling digital products. You can just send them a link after purchase to download the eBook.


But if you are selling physical products just like the hair grower, then you need the liaise with a logistic company to help you deliver your products to your customers.

Konga now has a delivery service that can help you ship your products to any part of Nigeria even on ” Pay On Delivery” basis. 


Now that you have learned how to sell a product online, what are you waiting for?

If you learn the art of selling online you can make at least N5,000 daily in pure profits. Want to get started and need technical support? You can contact me to set up a sales system for a fee.


I hope you learned a thing or two from this article.

If you enjoyed it, please use any of the social media share button on the left hand side of this page to share with your friends and loved ones.


I got to run now.

Until next time.










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