Increasing Web Traffic Isn’t as Hard as You Think

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Online business is more competitive than ever. Getting people to come to your website more than they do the websites of your competitors is vital, but it often seems like an impossible task. Let’s be clear: it is a big task. But it’s not impossible. In fact, it often isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be. Here are the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to really hooking people.


Quality over quantity


If you are a new business, website, or blog, you may be surprised by how sparse your pages look at first. The key is striking a balance between something eye-catching and attractive without cluttering the page.




Keep the content quality exceptionally high. You can visit if you want to look into the teaching of content techniques. Spamming visitors with endless blog posts won’t work. Ensure that what is visible is of excellent quality, and it won’t matter if there is not much of it. Don’t take this to mean that quantity doesn’t matter, though; people will want more of your great content and you should deliver it!


Encourage interaction


Our world is more communicative than ever these days. With selfies, instant messenger, and more, people love to interact. Make sure that every post you make is easy (and inviting) to share. If you or your business have additional social media, share your content across each of the platforms attached to you. Add buttons that link to popular sites like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. If you think your social media presence needs to be more impressive, check out Be sure to research the demographics and target platforms that best suit your intended audience. Statistics show that Pinterest has a high percentage of female users, for example.




Your aim should generally be to make your content as accessible and user-friendly as possible. There is no sense in creating great content that no-one will ever see or be able to share with their friends. Good websites have to be supported by good technology. Master the art of adding the share buttons and watch your traffic skyrocket! Encourage further interaction by adding a comment section, too.


Get technical


Make sure you are familiar with jargon as it relates to your website and its traffic. Are you familiar with boosting SEO? Do you know what conversion optimization is? SEO and conversion rate optimization are important to understand.




SEO refers to “search engine optimization”. Basically, ensure that you are giving web users the best chances of finding your content. Make sure you include a relevant title and core keywords throughout the post, for example. That way, when people Google your topic, your post becomes more likely of popping up. You can read more about succeeding in this field at As for conversion rate optimization, it’s the rate at which visitors are “converted” into actual customers. This is the ultimate aim for several websites and should be carefully monitored.

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