The Internet Can Make You – And Break You


By far the best tool that business owners, bloggers, the self-employed and businesses have available to them is the internet.

The internet has a primary use as a massive information hub, that keeps businesses on the pulse of trends, and it keeps them informed with what they need to know – be it the news, or new regulations and rules.

Full of guides and archive information, if you need to know something – the internet is where you can find the answers you crave.



The other uses of the internet can propel a business to success. Through focused content, direct marketing, active use of social media and winning marketing techniques – a business can rapidly rise to the top.



If it’s making its own demand, creating hype, working to serve and selling well – it’s only going to succeed. In theory, it’s very easy to make it on the internet and achieve your goals. The big problem? You’ll need to stand out. In theory, it’s easy – but it’s easy to everyone across the planet looking to start out their own business. Stand out, otherwise, you are going to stand still.



With hard work you can make it on the internet. However, poor or low efforts at making things happen online are not only going to hold you back; they might just turn people off and away from your business. You want to use the internet in the correct manner, rather than as a soapbox to stand on and shout from.






Poor form on social media? It’s getting involved in politics – especially right-wing politics. It’s very easy to turn people off if you’re offending the masses. Businesses have no role in getting involved in this area and shouldn’t be commenting on things that have nothing to do with a business.



Sometimes, we see businesses on the internet use slurs, slang, and offensive language – like a personal account. This is a terrible idea, and you should not need to be told that. The bigger your business, the bigger the fall when it comes to this.



Bad web hosting sinks successful businesses as a result of their own success. When a business has high traffic that a web host cannot handle, it will slow down and then shut down. You need a flexible provider who can boost your bandwidth when you’re riding high on a wave of success.

Here are Hosting Foundry’s recommendations so that you can move to a host who looks out for you – and not a host who will let you down. If your site goes offline, people will move on.




Appear professional in your communication. Avoid spelling errors and keep your copy light and creative. Work with designers, because it’s worth the costs to get things right on the web. Appear professional in your communication. Avoid spelling errors and keep your copy light and creative. Work with designers, because it’s worth the costs.



The internet is a tool that will fail you if you abuse it, or abuse people with it. Run a smart business online and you will have nothing to fear. Nothing at all.

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