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Are you seeking for job as an unemployed or under-employed? Do you want to be able to get that dream job that you need? If Yes, then this article will help you get a job even when there is much competition.


There are millions of people seeking for job just like yourself, most of which search online job websites to see if they can get the job of their choice. Since the number of job seekers far outweighs the number of people seeking for job, you need to stand out from the crowd; otherwise your chances would be bleak.


When seeking for job, one important thing you need to do is to equip yourself with the requisite skills that will help you get that job of your choice. Say for example, you studied computer Engineering, but you barely know how to make use of any application; not even Microsoft Excel. How do you expect to get a job.


Any serious person who is seeking for job should understand this; no Company wants to employ someone who has nothing to offer. If you were the HR Manager of a Company, will you be willing to employ an empty barrel? Of course NO! You need to get the skills needed to get you employed in your field of endeavor. 


If you are seeking for job, you have to take a strategic approach. You need to first decide on the kind of job that you can do. Don’t just go about saying “I need a job”, it’s too vague. Instead you say, I need a job as an IT Support officer. With this decision on mind, you can go about looking for an IT related job. Don’t be a “Jack of all trades kinda job seeker”.


Once you have identified the kind of job that you will like to get employed for, then you need to get appropriate training if you don’t have experience.

As a person seeking for job, getting certifications will help you get a job especially in the event that you don’t have enough experience to apply for the job. Sometimes the skills can be used as a substitute if you know what you are doing.


Be Always Prepared:

Anybody seeking for a job should always be prepared. There are times where a Company will call you out of the blues to come for an interview, you need to have good clothes; shirts, plain trousers, good shoes etc. You also need to be sound and firm about the job you are applying for.


If you get a call for an interview for the next day, try to find out more information about the Company; make sure you know about 90% of what the company does, read about this in advance so that you don’t go for the interview and stutter.


Know Your Worth:

If you are seeking for a job and get called upon by a company for an interview, you need to have defined your worth upfront. For example, you could be asked what your salary expectations are. Don’t ever lower your standards just to get the job. Say your worth.


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