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From the desk of Victor Agina

My name is Ikenna Victor Agina, I'm a digtial marketer and partner with Longrich. In the course of  a 5 month period, I was became a Diamond 4 member in the business because I created a structure that works and is still working. I've gone ahead to earn 6 figures every week from the Longrich business.


  • Are you looking for a legitimate business that can help you make a lot of money in 2020?
  • Will you like to enjoy an amazing lifestyle, travelling round the world and secure a lifetime money spinning machine for yourself and loved ones?
  • If you want to stop complaining about being broke, then you need to join the Longrich business!


Sometime in 2017, I had invested millions of Naira into a Crypto-currency scheme that promised to pay me 30% every month, the first 3 months were sweet! The money was so sweet that I didn't bother to do my research about the company. But in December, something happened... something drastic!


The website just went offline, no notice, no nothing! I just couldn't login, so I called my friend who had introduced me to the business, the tone of his voice was really low. He had convinced me to invest my money, together with other people. Do you know we didn't even notice that there was no office address?


We just wanted that quick money, and guess what? We got burned badly! It was that bad, like going from "Hero to Zero". We had people calling us from East, West, North and South. Personally I had to pay back some people what I could from my own pocket even though the company was not my company.


It was a trying time for me, I had to sit down and think about what I did wrong:

  • I wanted quick money
  • I did not verify the credibility of the business
  • I didn't check to see how long they had existed
  • They had no product I could hold on to
  • They had no physical office


Oh my, that was every SHADE OF WRONG! I wasn't thinking.

  • Have you had similar experience?
  • Paid money to join and scheme and all of a sudden they disappeared?


I know exactly how it feels, because I've been there... Done this and that! But then the question is, are you going to give up just because you got your hands burned?


Are you going to just fold your hands and say "I'm not doing again" just because you had a couple of bad experiences? I don't believe in throwing in the towel, and you shouldn't believe in that two. Because regardless of the fact that there are lots of schemes out there solely designed to rip you off your money, there are still very good business opportunities that can help you make a lot of money.


So in 2019, I decided to do and indepth research to check for the Companies that are currently doing well, that was when I discovered Longrich. After going through all the information, I didn't jump right in... It took sometime, I was trying to create a system that will help me grow in the business without much stress.


So I wrote a SEO article about Longrich and I was able to rank it on page one for the keywords "Longrich Business", "Longrich", "Longrich Stockist", with this strateegy I have been able to build a team of over 257 people from the comfort of my home. To be honest, I've never met 98% of them but yet we have a good working relationship.



Does Longrich Really Pay Every Thursday? Oh Yes, They Do!

Other Success Stories...

Still in doubt? I can't convince you any other than this....

Longrich is simply an amazing business opportunity!and the good thing is that there is an entry level for anybody, even with as little as N9,800 you can get started right away. I want to work with you only if you are serious about changing your life, changing your finances...

I want to work with you if you are willing to follow instructions, I don't want no lazy fellow, I don't want any "Complainer", I need only people who have the mindset to succeed, people who understand that business is a process and are willing to go through the process. I have prepared a special training for you to help you build your business.

The next step is for you to choose from the entry levels below, which of them appeals to you? I'm building a team and right now we are increasing in numbers. So hurry now, make a pick from the levels below then scroll down for instructions.





Caveat: Please make sure you have watched the video and are ready to make payment before you fill the form, placement will be done on first pay, first serve basis! I don't need time wasters. If you have already registered with another team please don't Call me unless you want to switch teams or pay me to help you build your own recruiting machine!

Not on WHATSAPP? Call me 08037193840

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