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Succeeding in the Longrich bioscience business is not rocket science, you only need a “working strategy”. Just like they say, success is intentional! Before you jump into the Longrich business, you should have a plan and if you don’t, it’s imperative to join a team like mine that has one that will help you rise to the top in the business.


Before I proceed with this article, let me “crush on myself” like the slay Queens usually write on Facebook; yours truly is now a Diamond 4 partner with Longrich biosciences! And guess how I got here? Enjoy the picture first and we’d talk about that later.


longrich bioscience

I’m fine sha, people now call me “Mr. Longrich”, “Ichie Longrich” and oh yes I’m proud to be associated with this powerful business brand that has been enriching thousands of Nigerians and people all around the world since time immemorial.


Now let’s get back to business!


How Do You Start and Grow Your Longrich Bioscience Business?

Step 1. You Need to Start By Thinking Like a Business Person: Let me pull my BIG ears and tell you this, Longrich is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”, it’s not like MMM where you put in an amount of money and get 30% or whatever when you are being matched. Nah, Longrich is far from it and if the founders operate in the same manner, they will crash!


Real business people are tactical, calculative and the project into the future. If you come into the Longrich business with the MMM mentality, then you’d have started failing from Day 1. Longrich is a business that you’d grow over time, but the time it takes to succeed depends on you and your strategy.


A real business person knows that if he’s having challenges in one area of his business, then he needs to work hard/smart to combat the challenges. Longrich business is about switching your products and telling others to do so.


The compensation you get every week from the business is as a result of ” Team Building”, let me put it in more common terms “REFERRAL”. A lot of people hate that word but the truth is that at some point in our lives knowingly or unknowingly we have referred our friends and loved ones to use a particular product or service.


Step 2: Pick From the Entry Levels and Pay to The Longrich Account

The Longrich bioscience business has different entry levels, each of these levels determine how many percentage you will earn from your team’s effort every week. Please note that I said ” team effort”, I am tired of trying to clarify the fact that Longrich is not MMM. Most people think Longrich is some kind of scheme where you just put money and get weekly returns, NO!


If they operate that way then they will fail! You need to build a team and train them to do the same in order for you to keep making money every week from the Longrich business. So what are the entry levels of the Longrich bioscience business?


longrich bioscience

Step 3: Pay to The Longrich Bank Account and Send Completed Form to Your Sponsor

But Victor why can’t I just get a link and register myself? Different businesses have different procedures. Longrich bioscience decided to make the registrations manual because they want your sponsor to be responsible for your registration, they want your sponsor to have a personal relationship with you.


The next step after deciding on which of the entry levels you want to get started with is to make payment to the Longrich bank account listed below:

Acct Name=Longliqi Int’l Nig
Acct no = 1012908177
Bank = Zenith Bank


After payment, you fill the registration form and send it to your sponsor, see form below:

Applicant’s Name:


Phone no:


Date of birth:

Name of bank:

Acc holders name:

Acct no:


After filling the form, you send the payment proof ( screenshot if you did an online transfer) or you take a snapshot of the teller if you made payment with a bank slip. If you followed this article till this point and have decided to join my team, then fill the form above, make payment and send to agina.ikenna@gmail.com or Whatsapp 08037193840


Once done, your sponsor will send your information to the stockist in your area. In 24 hours, your registration will be done and you will go to the stockist office to pick up your products. Now you are in business, I welcome you if you have already paid 🙂


You will be given a code by the stockist, you should keep the code in a safe place. The next thing you need to do is to login to your back office, the code is your username and the default password is 123. Here’s the link to login to your back office. This is what it looks like:

longrich bioscience


Step 4: Start Building Your Team

This is exactly where most people just loose it! Just maybe they managed to talk to some of their friends and family members and they refuse to join, the next thing they do is to fold up their Longrich business, like who does that?


Well, most times I don’t blame those who quit on this amazing business. I kind of blame their sponsors for not guiding them through. I’ve had people reach out to me to ask some questions about the Longrich business and then I realized that their uplines did a bad job.


While referring people might seem like an arduous task but it’s not really that hard if you get appropriate training. For example, I support my downlines and teach them how to get people to register and to be candid my team in recent times has experienced a drastic change in ranks.


This past weekend was filled with lots of celebrations as quite a handful of my team members move from either Diamond 1 to Diamond 2 or from Diamond 2 to Diamond 3. You can build a team by leveraging on your social media platforms. Post as much as you can about your business, use your Whatsapp status, create group, invite people for seminars.


Team building is where the money is in the Longrich business, you get paid every Thursday depending on the activities on your team. Do you want to join the Longrich business but skeptical because you are not sure if you can refer? Do you want to join a team that will train you on how to recruit partners?


If yes, fill the registration form above, make payment to the bank account and Whatsapp me on 08037193840 so I can get you all set up to make money.


Talk soon


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