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Hey Victor, this Longrich business opportunity; can You really make money from it?

I get this same question a lot of times and I’d be addressing it in this article.

My answer is YES & NO

You can make money from the Longrich business opportunity if You put in the work and NO, You won’t make money from the Longrich business if You don’t put in the work.


As You may already know, Longrich business operates on the Network Marketing model. As a matter of fact, if You cannot recruit business partners to join Your team, then You will not make any money. Almost everyday, I get messages from different people asking if one can make money from Longrich without referral.


My answer to that is a “Blatant NO”

It’s funny how people just want to put their money into something, then sit back and enjoy huge profits up to 30% like MMM without doing anything. Its not bad to want to invest Your money in a business but then, You cannot do that with a Network Marketing business model.


You will need to learn how to successfully recruit partners into Your team and also support them by providing them with appropriate training. For example, I have a resource area on my blog for my Longrich business. I have provided my partners with the requisite digital skills necessary for them to start recruiting downlines.


I find this lacking in some teams, this is the reason why most Longrich business owners get frustrated. You can never succeed in Longrich business without growing a team of people. Learning how to sell is one of the most important skills you need to learn once You get started with the Longrich business opportunity.


If you know how to build a simple sales funnel and run targeted Ads then You’d be able to sell Longrich products. Also, with this same skill You can recruit people from any part of the world. For example, I have a partner in Spain who’s currently a Diamond 4 member. She doesn’t know too many people but with her knowledge of Google Adwords, She has been able to build a team of people right there in Spain.


And guess what?

Every week, She earns between 4-6 figures from the Longrich business opportunity working only a couple of hours from the Comfort of her home. I also have worked with some of my partners to sell Longrich fertility products (Libao and Mengquian), all we did was to set up a sales funnel to sell the products.


So the answer the question “Can You Really Make Money From the Longrich Business Opportunity?”, the answer remains YES & NO! Yes if you put in the required work and No if you sit your ass down there waiting for your upline to keep feeding you with downlines.


Do You want to join my Longrich business?

Read my in-depth article by Clicking Here


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