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If you have been reading my posts lately, you’d already know I invested in the Longrich business platform. To be honest, it’s been an amazing journey for the past 7 months. In this article, I will be discussing the 7 different ways to make money from the Longrich business platform.


But first, if you don’t know anything about Longrich, let me give you a summary of what the business entails. Longrich is one of the biggest FCMG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) in the world. They don’t just produce for themselves, but also produce for other FCMGs.


Longrich produces under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (original Design Manufacturer) for top companies like TESCO, GSK, UNILEVER, MARKS & SPENCER, ELIZABETH ARDEN, AVON, ESTEE LAUDER, WALMART, CARREFOUR etc.


Longrich has been in existence for over 33 years and was founded by Mr. Xu.Zhiwei. About 7 years ago, the company decided to do something spectacular. The management thought to themselves, what if we decide to empower people by giving them the opportunity to become partners so they can make money for themselves even without being a big FCMG?


So they came up with a structured plan, with different entry levels for both individuals and companies. The idea was for you to join them with any amount you can afford, get products, tell your friend, family loved ones or whoever cares to listen about the business and its products, they sign up and you get compensated for introducing them to the Company.


Longrich Compensation Plan Includes:

1. Cash rewards

2. Car rewards

3. Housing rewards

4. International trips

5. Scholarship etc


They introduced a rank system, this actually determines the incentives that you get from the business. As you build a team of like minded people, your team begins to expand, your PV (Point Volume) increases, you move up the ranks, you make money, your (active team members) make money. It’s “Win, Win” for everyone!

Want to learn more about the Longrich Business? >>> CLICK HERE <<<


Now That You Know a Little About Longrich…

Here are the 5 Amazing Ways to Make Money from Longrich Business Platform

1. Referral Bonus: The direct referral bonus applies only to some of the Longrich packages. The packages include:

a. Starter Combo

b. Fast Rich Pack (A&B)

The starter combo is the least plan available on the Longrich business platform, the plan was actually designed for individuals who cannot afford to get started with the other plans. The idea was to get people to start small, make some money and then upgrade.



Register 3 or more people with N10,500 and get paid the following week as follows:

1st Gen:N2900×3= N8700
2nd Gen N700×9 =N6300
3rd Gen 1400×27=N37800

This above illustrations explains what you will earn if you bring only 3 people and encourage your 3 to bring in the 2nd and 3rd generation

* Note: There is no limit to the nos of people you can personally sponsor. The more people you sponsor, the more money you will make.


* Products For (N10,500) Starter Combo

(A)2 Mosquito Repellent
1 Toothpaste
2 Bodycream
1 Handcream


(B)1 calcium
1 white tea shampoo
2 repellent
1 toothpaste.


Fast Rich Pack A


6 Toothpaste (200g)
6 Handcream
6 Mosquito repellant
3 Longrich 2 in 1 Shampoo
3 Longrich white tea shampoo
2 Mini pack Pantyliner


Earning Benefit

39,900 / 60pv
Upgrade to Silver
Referral Bonus: N8000

This also means if you sponsor anyone who does fast rich pack A, you earn 8k per person. If you sponsor 10 people, you earn 80k which is payable the next working day. This bonus is different from your normal performance bonus


Fast Rich Pack B


6 Toothpaste (200g)
6 Handcream
6 Mosquito repellant
3 Longrich 2 in 1 Shampoo
3 Longrich white tea shampoo
6 Slimming Tea
6 Green Tea
6. Blood fat reducing (Brown) Tea


Upgrade to Gold
Referral Bonus: N16,000


This also means if you soonsor anyone who does fast rich pack B, you earn 16k per person. If you sponsor 10 people, you earn 160k which is payable the next working day. This bonus is different from your normal performance bonus


2. Retail of Products:

Another way of making money from Longrich is by retailing its amazing products. Longrich has more than 30 products that solves different problems individually or as a combination. If you are really good at selling ( especially using social media), you can make a lot of side money.


For example, one of the hottest niche right now is the fertility niche. A lot of Women are looking for solutions that can help them get pregnant, while the Men on the other hand are looking for products that can help them boost their sperm count, stop premature ejaculation etc.


You can simply set up a sales funnel to help you sell these products online. You only need two things to make this work:

i. How to use Facebook ads manager to reach the right people

ii. How to write the exact content that will make people to buy


You can create different funnels for different products, just have an advertising budget and make sure you are constantly running the ads. With this, you’d be sure to sell a lot of Longrich products.


3. Performance Bonus:

Performance is the fulfillment of a given task or simply say, the execution of an action
while bonus is a reward for good performance. Therefore, Performance Bonus (PB) is simply, the money that is earned when there are activities in your back office.

Performance bonus is measured according to the entry levels. Invariably you earn performance bonus by the percentage attached to the entry level that you are currently on, which means the higher your entry level, the higher the performance bonus.


Who is Qualified to earn PB?

Hence you are in any of the entry levels and an upgrade or registration is done on any two of your three legs, it means you are eligible to earn performance bonus from the transaction. In the same vein, for every upgrade or registration that is done under you directly or indirectly, you will earn performance bonus.


Performance Bonus Percentage

Your entry level determines your PB earning percentage;

VIP/Platinum, Gold and Silver/Q silver earns 12%, 10% and 8% respectively.

How to calculate PB



PB = Performance Bonus
AGPV = Accumulated Group Point Value
EL% = Percentage of Entry Level


Note the following:

AGPV is the sum total of the PVS in two legs

Sharing Leg is the leg with the highest PV

$1 = N200 (exchange rate)


4. Development Bonus:

Longrich pays you 10% flat on two downlines that are signed up under you. Development bonus is earned on the calculation of 60pv.

5. Repeat bonus/Retail bonus unlike Upgrade order, you also earn from your repeat/retail order together with others done by your successful line. Repeat order serves same purpose as Retail order the only difference is that in Retail order, you are bringing out your cash to purchase the products while in Repeat order Longrich have saved money up for you to buy products without spending the bonuses they have paid to your bank account.

6. Leadership Bonus:

Leadership bonus To earn your leadership bonus in full from all your sponsor tree success lines, ensure you don’t miss your 30pv repeat/retail order monthly.


7. Other Incentives:

When you qualify for a trip as a Longrich partner, the Company actually gives you cash if you don’t want to go for the trip. The cash equivalent for a Longrich trip is N1,000,000. The choice is entirely up to you, same goes for the car funds, housing funds etc. There are car funds for N3,500,000, N5,000,000, N10,000,000, etc.


So these are the 7 different ways you can make money from the Longrich business platform. Have you registered an account with Longrich yet? If no, call or Whatsapp me on 08037193840 to get started. You can read my indepth article about the Longrich business by >> CLICKING HERE <<


Talk soon



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