In the past two months, I’ve been able to register 74 downlines in my Longrich placement tree be leveraging on the power of “Search Engine Optimization”. To be quite frank, 90% of my team members found me through Google search engine. All I did to make this work was to write an in-depth article about the Longrich business, did some SEO stuffs and posted on my blog.

When you type in the keyword “LONGRICH” on Google, my article is currently on number one for that keyword

longrich placement tree

This positioning is the reason why I get free leads and downlines to join my business without stress. When someone types the keyword “Longrich” on Google, he/she is already interested in the business. Most times, the person is just looking to get more information or needs to join a team that will give him/her support.


Other times they are already registered with another upline but still need clarity on issues that their upline cannot help them solve.


For those who want to join immediately, I simply guide them through and add them to my Longrich Placement Tree.


longrich placement tree

Search Engine Optimization is an amazing way to get sign ups for your business if you know how to go about it. SEO is simply a way of getting found on Google when a searcher queries a particular keyword. In order to rank for a keyword, you need to look at the competition you are going up against.


You need to look at the websites that your competitors are linking to, you need to look at the structure of the articles your competitors are ranking for, you need to be able to plan in advance and do your homework to enable you out rank other website contents that are already ranking for the said keyword.


After you put everything in place, you’d only need to relax and follow up with the leads so you can convert and add them to your Longrich Placement Tree. You need to decide how you want these people to reach out to you, I had to link to this page where I posted a video summary of the Longrich Business and then I added a Whatsapp Chat Link so anyone who’s interested in joining can contact me.


Do you want to join Longrich and need a team that is ready to support you? Will you like to get access to digital training that will help you grow faster in your Longrich business? If yes, then CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ARTICLE.


Talk soon


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