How to Make Money With Longrich Starter Combo

How to Make Money With Longrich Starter Combo

Do you know that you can still make money from the Longrich starter combo plan? Even though I really don’t like pushing this plan but then I’ve come to realize that most of the people who got started with this plan upgraded their accounts as soon as they started earning.


Initially, the least entry levels amount for the Longrich Business is N25,000 (60PV). But as much as some people can afford this, not everyone have N25,000 to get started with this amazing business opportunity. So Longrich decided to introduce the Longrich starter combo of N9,800. Now the reason for doing this is just to help you get started but it’s imperative that you upgrade in 3 weeks time.



Register 3 or more people with N9,800 and get paid the following week as follows:

1st Gen:N2900×3= N8700
2nd Gen N700×9 =N6300
3rd Gen 1400×27=N37800


This above illustrations explains what you will earn if you bring only 3 people and encourage your 3 to bring in the 2nd and 3rd generation



1 Handcream



(B)1 calcium
1 white tea shampoo
2 repellent
1 toothpaste.

And this is just (ONE) 1 of the ways Longrich pays weekly.


While the Longrich starter combo is affordable and gives anyone who really wants to join the business but doesn’t have up to N25,000 an avenue to get started, it’s also important to know that you should upgrade in 3 weeks time otherwise you will keep missing out on the performance bonus and other bonuses.


Longrich is simply an amazing business, if you would like to read my full length article where I talked about Longrich business extensively then >> CLICK HERE <<

Do you want to join with the starter combo? Email me on or Whatsapp me 08037193840.


Talk soon


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