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  1. Wow! I really enjoyed everything here. Please I’m a registered member also, but the truth is, I think I registered other someone that doesn’t care about the business. I have 12 persons under me, but I have been the only one working. I don’t even know how to place people to enable earn. I’m diamond 2, but I’m not making any progress, I must confess.

  2. Hi Nneka,

    How are you? I’m glad you enjoyed the article. It’s unfortunate that most people register others without giving them proper orientation and training. If you keep doing the job yourself, you will burn out. Which of the entry levels do you sign them up with? This determines what you earn and please also note that it takes 3 weeks to get your first pay.

    About the placement, you can send an eamail to agina.ikenna@gmail.com let me see your geneology.


  3. Good morning i joined Longrich this week through a woman and i paid 9800 to her so what i want to know is that does it matter through whom i joined it or am i supposed to join and pay into Longrich account myself

  4. Hello Mamode,

    How are you? You can either pay directly into the Longrich account or you go to the stockist and make payment. If you paid to her then she should go do your registration at the stockist and send your login ID

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