How to Make Money Online With Longrich Products

You can make money online with longrich products if you define your marketing strategy and implement it appropriately. The best way to make money on the internet is to provide “products that solve specific problems”, to those who have those problems. 


Longrich is a Multinational Company

They have a range of products, as  a matter of fact they produce for most of the big pharmaceutical brands here in Nigeria. And now they have provided a platform for individuals like You and Me to tap into their Trillion Dollar business without spending a fortune like big companies do. 


By leveraging on Longrich products, you can make 6-7 figures every month from the comfort of your home. All you need do is to use the power of social media to put the products in the eyes of those who need them. In this article, I’d teach you the different ways you can make money from Longrich.


So basically here’s how to make money from Longrich products:

1. Join the business

2. Get other people to join and get rewarded

3. Sell the products and add your own profits.


I’m sure you are looking at me like “hmm it’s referral again abi”, I understand how you feel if you think that way… But you have to look at the bigger picture! Like I said earlier, the best way to make money online fast is to provide a solution to the problems of people.


These days, everyone needs more money right? If you can show them how to make money online from Longrich products and they tap into the opportunity, you will also make a lot of money.

Interestingly, you can just set up a sales funnel, run some Facebook ads and have people join the business even without meeting them physically.


Another way to make money from Longrich is by retailing their products. If you are good with online marketing, you can take one of the products (let’s say the one the solves erectile dysfunction), promote it and make a lot of money. All you need do is to set up an ad and target those people who have such problems.


Read on to learn more about the Longrich business opportunity and how you can tap into this multinational Company’s business plan to make a recurring income for yourself. 


Please, permit me to introduce to you the biggest manufacturing multinational company in the whole of Asia

This Great Platform is non other than. Most of us use our daily consumable without being paid or compensated for using them.




Longrich is a 32 year old manufacturing multinational company with headquarters in China and branch offices in over 90 countries spanning USA, UK, EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA etc Renowned for manufacturing patented products for top notch brands.
Longrich is ISO and NAFDAC certified, hence their penchant for quality fast moving health, energy and daily consumable products.


Longrich produces under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (original Design Manufacturer) for top companies like TESCO, GSK, UNILEVER, MARKS & SPENCER, ELIZABETH ARDEN, AVON, ESTEE LAUDER, WALMART, CARREFOUR etc.

The Company has 8 world class Research Institutes in China, USA, Japan, France.

Becoming a partner with Longrich provides an alternative income stream, enables you to earn weekly BONUSES and awesome global INCENTIVES.



*7-8 figure weekly income.

*Shares 1% of the coy’s monthly turnover (sales) as a VIP member – Shareholder.

*Brand new car award twice every year.

*All expense paid luxury vacations abroad 2-3 times yearly.

* $150 million house fund award at Star Director level.

*4 year Executive MBA programme @ the prestigious REGIS University Colorado USA.

*Scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice @SOOCHOW UNIVERSITY CHINA.


To get the membership code, you will need to plug into the business at any entry level you deem fit and you can afford.

The points you generate from the purchase qualifies you to be a member and a personal membership code is generated for you.

Longrich has been a house hold and skin care manufacturing business platform for over 25 years before venturing into the multi level marketing business MLM Industry which is a noble profession just like any other … Architecture, Medicine, Teacher etc.


But Longrich runs hers as an empowerment platform championing entrepreneurship.

So to show you that, they eliminated ALL the network marketing pitfalls like buying and selling, promise and fail, using you for years to sell products, no personal development NOTHING!

They replaced these with …

a. Degree program Scholarships in China b. Executive MBA in the USA
c. Personal business start ups
d. Making you a weekly millionaire
e. House fund worth 25M naira
f. Globe trotting 4 times yearly to different continents on their expense
g. Shares her dividends through the shares platform with you and your kids, thus enabling you to structure out wealth for your children’s children.

Longrich is a very futuristic business, you’d get these benefits and MANY MORE!

This isn’t network marketing…

Ask GNLD, Forever Living Product, Swiss golden and those that have folded up already how much they have to buy compulsorily monthly to stay afloat.


None considered posterity so there was little or nothing towards personal development and entrepreneurship.


1. VIP MEMBERSHIP– 1680PV/#750,000
Earns 1% monthly global shares (sales NOT profit) from over 100 countries.
Earns 12% weekly bonuses from team’s activities.


Earns 12% weekly from team’s activities.


Earns 10% weekly from team’s activities.


Earns 8% weekly from team’s activities.


Enables you to earn 8,000 Naira instantly if you refer someone
No matter how many referrals you earn extra 8,000 Naira on each referral.
This is minus your weekly bonuses.
Take advantage of this 🎯
Recommend folks to get on board.

NOTE: You are allowed to choose your products to the tune of the amount invested nothing compulsory

Monies are paid into Longrich Corporate Account and not to individuals.



*No monthly targets or compulsory monthly purchases

*No penalty for none repeat purchase or flushing of points

*Same points generated by you are paid for by the company, can qualify you for free trips, cars and still move you from one rank to another till star director level where 2.5% of global sales of this 32 year old manufacturing multinational company are shared twice yearly to directors worldwide.



Applicant Full Name:
Phone no:
Date of birth:
Name of bank:
Acc holders name:
Acct no.:
Products of choice:

Send details to agina.ikenna@gmail.com



We partner with a company that pays u weekly for switching your brand to their brand and telling your friends to switch to their brand too😀

Below are the FOUR CATEGORIES of how u can participate and benefit👇👇

Simply put: Stop using your normal brand of products that doesn’t pay u and start using longrich products that are all organic and highly effective and will pay you



This categories are those who do not want to refer or sell but want to benefit from longrich by simply using their products.

This set only switch their brand to long rich brand.

They Starts using long rich products such as cream, soap deodorants and the rest and accumulate PV that can qualify them for a car, house ,scholarships and international trip


SECOND CATEGORY(Distributors/ Resellers)

The Second categories are those who do not want to introduce new people but want to be selling the products

This people also earn weekly wen their legs are properly positioned and they also gain a direct profit Wen they sell because products are given to them at distributor price once u re a registered member. This category accumulate point value that can qualify them for a house, car, international trip etc.

*Each products from this company has a point value attached to it*e.g the sanitary napkin is 50pv



These third category of people are those who want to be earning weekly from the company. The company requires them to introduce at least 3 new distributors to this business. This first categories earn 8- 12% weekly of all activities done under them.


The fourth category are those who want to do all the three categories I mentioned. They want to sell, refer, buy the products and use. They benefit all round. 


👇👇👇👇👇Below Are Weekly Alerts from LONGRICH




We have fast rich for Q silver and this is what u stand to gain



🔆 Registration is N39,900

🔆 Total of 60pv

🔆 Automatic upgrade to Silver

🔆 It is a sponsorship promo (earn on people you sponsor or introduce to FRP)

🔆 Earn instant bonus of N8,000 paid to your account the next work day.

🔆Get product worth N44,550 instead of N39,900 (ie discount of N4,650)



🔅6 Toothpaste 200g
🔅6 Handcream
🔅6 Mosquito Repellent
🔅3 2 in 1 shampoo
🔅3 White Tea shampoo
🔅2 mini packs Panty liner

Enjoy super fast bonus🤸‍♂🤾‍♀🏃‍♀🏄‍♀💃


Also Enjoy FREE International Trips…


Want to join the Longrich winning team? Do you want to get FREE training on how you can set up an automatic sales funnel that will get people to join your business? If YES, then join my team today and let’s rock this business. Feel free to email me on agina.ikenna@gmail.com or WhatsApp 08037193840


Until next time



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