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You might be a small business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impression. In order to thrive and get ahead of your competition this is exactly what you need to do, so work on ways you can boost business while having a positive effect on customers and clients.


Use The Right Software

When you use the right software for your business, you get jobs done quickly and efficiently. It could be design software such as Altium Designer, it could be HR software, CRM software, presentation software or anything else that prevents you having to do time-consuming and tedious manual tasks.


Have a Responsive App Made

Sales on tablets and smartphones have been shown to have overtaken those made on computers and laptops. So as a business owner you need to move with the times.

Having an app shows customers you are a legitimate and trustworthy business, this is because places like Apple’s App Store require you to be verified.

Showing you are trustworthy is very important for a smaller, newer business since people can be wary shopping with places they have never used before.


Be Reliable

Instead of shopping with your more established competition, you have to persuade customers to shop with you instead.

Make sure your product descriptions on your website are accurate, include things like materials and sizes.

You will need to make sure that you are putting out items that are of the very best quality. If you do what you say you will as a business, you will keep people coming back.


Get Your Marketing Strategy Right

You need the right marketing and promotion to get your businesses name out there, and compete with your more established competition. You can’t just set up a business and expect people to come flooding in-you need advertising so that people need to know you exist.

If you’re not an expert in this field, work with a professional marketing agency who can help. They will be able to advise you on things like backlinks, SEO and social media strategy which will promote your business.  


Gain Customer Reviews

If a customer is new to your business, one thing they are likely to do before shopping with you is read reviews. That way they can see from past customers what kind of experiences others have had and judge whether it’s worth taking the risk.  

Most people will leave a review when they’re asked, especially if they have been happy with the service so it’s always worth sending a polite follow-up email after your customer’s transaction asking them to review you.


Third party review sites like Reevoo and Trustpilot are good for this, these can only have reviewed added by verified member so hold real weight. You can’t offer any kind of rewards or incentive for a positive review, but you can ask so contact customers and build up your reviews as much as possible.


What do you find are the best marketing and promotional techniques to get your name out there in business?

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