Only action takers succeed in this life. If you keep on complaining without taking actionable steps to achieve your dream then you will never achieve that dream. 

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Williams Blog Subscriber: “Good evening Victor, Thank you for all the great contents you have written on your blog; you are doing a great job”….

I sent you an email earlier on today but you haven’t responded and so I decided to call you. I wanted to know how I can get my Fiverr Revenue Card to withdraw my earnings; I applied before and I was told that I didn’t have a complete address and so I applied again and have still not gotten the card.


Me: Thanks for your compliment, that’s what I am about “helping people to start their online businesses”. Please kindly check with the nearest post office around your area of residence; I had almost the same issue and was able to get my card from the Post Office.


Williams Blog Subscriber: Alright thanks Victor. Meanwhile, I read all your blog posts about Fiverr and I have been able to rake in $500 monthly by implementing all what I have learned. I am grateful bro!


This conversation ensued between me and one of my blog readers two days ago. When I receive phone calls like this, it always makes me happy and want to write even more contents because I know that I am changing the lives of people whom I haven’t even met.



In life, there are two different kinds of people. There are those who “do shit” and there’s another group of people who “eat shit”. The question is, do you do shit or do you eat shit? You see, most people are very good at complaining about everything around them.


They complain about lack of jobs, they complain about the bad Government, they complain about lack of money and how they can’t start a business and bla bla bla… These set of people are the shit eaters!


Even when they read stuffs on my blog they still email me and ask dumb questions like “Victor is this thing for real?” Let me tell you something, apart from receiving accolades from people like my blog reader who called me, I have also received insults like this “ You are a scammer… fake just looking for how to rip people off their money, God will punish you”. Yes, I got that one from one dumb ass guy who eventually purchased one of my products.


After I read his email, I wasn’t quite sure of what to say to him so I ignored his email and then got back to it in 10 minutes. I hit the reply button and typed in this text “You will die in your poverty if you continue thinking like this”. He emailed back trying to do the “Reverse Psychology” thingy and trying to blackmail me emotionally but I ignored him.


I think he was mad at me because he subscribed for my free email series and got redirected to a sales page after he confirmed his email. He called me some days later to apologize and later went on to purchase my “Fiverr Unlocked Course”.


Now let’s talk about you for a moment. I don’t know if you are reading this blog for the first time or you are already one of my subscribers; how has it been with your internet business? Are you an “Action Taker” or one of those who’s always complaining about one thing or the other?


To be sincere with you, even if you read the “over 300 articles” on this blog and don’t take any action then there’s absolutely no way you can make money. Everyone who has achieved one feat or the other in this life is an “Action Take”. There’s no reward without any risk; I am sure you already know that.


If you are not making as much money as you would want to from your internet business then you need to sit down and ask yourself questions. If other people are doing this, then why can’t you do it? If a guy could make $500 monthly by using the free information on my blog even without purchasing anything from me, then what’s stopping you from achieving the same feat?



Enough is enough… Enough of the complaints and excuses… It’s time to take action and put into practice everything that you have learned. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest that you start by reading this article:



If you need a quicker and easy method of making money on Fiverr, then you need to check this out >>>>


A lot is happening on the internet and even teenagers are slicing their own piece of the internet pie. Making money online is not rocket science as I have always mentioned. You only need to identify a system that works and focus on it. I have always recommended Fiverr because it’s an easy way to rake in some cash to get other things going.


This is how far I can preach to you today. It’s entirely up to you to move forward and or to remain where you are. It’s 2:23 am here and I am writing this article just because I am thinking of how best to help you succeed. If I can make this sacrifice to put these words out there for you then I wonder why you can’t take action and make stuffs work!


Do You Want To Make At Least $500 Every Month 

How to sell ALMOST ANYTHING easily over and over!


I got to run now…. I need more than enough sleep than I am getting. Remember, it’s all in your hands to make things work. If you don’t move, nobody will move you. If you don’t shake, nobody will shake you. Take action today!


Am out now…

Peace and Love.


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