How to Make Money By Selling Shoes Online

Christmas is just around the corner and thousands of people have started shopping for the season. Do you know you can make money by selling shoes online? Yeah, people are buying shoes heavily on the internet, Jumia and Konga websites are buzzing with lots of traffic, owing also to the “Black Friday” deals.


Do you want to know how to make money by selling shoes online? Then read this article as I take you through a simple process. There are different categories of shoes; there are shoes for the “middle class people” and there are shoes for the “rich and prestigious” people. You need to know which group of people to focus on.


I know that most of the readers of my blog are just starting out, so I’d focus more on the shoes for “middle class” people Because focusing on high end shoes will cost you a lot of money. These shoes for the middle class guys sell for anywhere between N3,000 – N10,000 based on the quality. Let’s see some stats on Jumia:


make money


Take a look at the image above, as you can see the blue Men’s lace up canvas has done more than 2115 sales. It’s more than because the figure you have there is just from reviews. There are lots of people who have purchased the shoe but did not leave a review.


Now, let’s do some calculations:

Based on the figure available to us 2115 and the shoe is sold for N3,990

When you punch your calculator, you’d arrive at N8,438,850


Now let’s look at the cost of purchasing this same shoe from China:

make money


From the image above, if you are buying more than 30 pieces, you’d get the shoe for 19 Yuan (N1,140). Let’s the total landing cost plus shipping and agent fees is N1,500.

Also not forgetting that Jumia takes a percentage per sale… I just saw it’s 12% for Male shoes. 

So let’s break these figures down:

12% of N3,990 = N478.8

So for every shoe this merchant sells on the Jumia platform, Jumia charges N478.8.

When you deduct N478.8 from N3,990 you’d be left with N3511.2 right?


Now remember that the cost of each shoe with landing cost was estimated to be N1,500.

N3511.2 – N1,500 = N2011.2


So this merchant makes N2011.2, now multiply that figure by the total number of shoes sold (this figure is more) based on the visible reviews.


N2,011.2 X N2,115 = N4,253,688 (pure profit)


That’s sweet right?

If you want to make money selling shoes online, then you need to able to source for good shoes and have a platform for selling the shoes. The merchant who sold the shoes above simply leveraged on the Jumia platform to help him make money.


What Do You Need to Get Started:

1. Some money to place an order for the shoes. 

You cannot make money without money! You’d need some money to get started in this venture. It’s important that you know how to get affordable but yet quality shoes. 


2. Platform to order for the shoes.

You need to know where to order the shoes from and how to get the best quality of shoes. You can visit the 1688 website, check the shoe section for a range of shoes. Look at the reviews to ensure they are of good quality. If you see lots of positive reviews for a particular shoe, then you can go ahead and order it.


Don’t know how to order? Want to learn the secrets of mini importation business? Then you can watch this FREE video presentation that shows you how to import from China by CLICKING HERE


3. Platform to sell the shoes.

You can either sell the shoes through your own website and Facebook fan page or you can sell via Konga/Jumia just like the merchant above did. Selling via these platforms gives you FREE traffic and exposure for your products. If you intend to sell on your own platform, you’d need to spend money on Facebook ads or any other ads platform to make sales.



Talking about Facebook ads, it’s one of the most useful tool for any mini importer or digital marketer looking to make money online. With Facebook ads you can target people based on their gender, age, geographical location and interest. However, a lot of people lost money when they attempt to set up a Facebook ad.



To be quite frank, if you don’t know how to work your way around the Facebook ads system, you will waste money. Do you want to learn how to run effective Facebook ads without loosing money? Then you can enroll for a Facebook Ads course here where you’d learn how to laser target only those who are interested in purchasing your product.



Other platforms where you can list your shoes are Jiji, OLX, EFRITIN etc.


If you don’t want to import products from China or just cannot wait to get started, you can source shoes locally. You can get low cost but quality shoes from Trade Fair market in Lagos state. You need to move around Balogun market to get the quality shoes. 


3 years ago, I sold out the shoes from one of the merchants in Trade Fair. It was an “All Star Converse” sneakers. It wasn’t really the full grade one, I bought for around N1,200 and sold it for N3,500 on Jiji. Back then, I did not need to order bulk from him because I was sure the shoes were readily available. I sold over 200 pieces before he ran out of stock.


Whenever I go there, he keeps hailing me “online marketer”, “online marketer” and telling his friends how powerful I am LOL. Trust my Igbo brothers and their mouth!


So this is the short blue print on how to make money online by selling shoes. I found a training course by one of my mentors where he will shoe you how to start your mini importation business with N100,000 or less and earn up to N1,500,000 in a months time by focusing on products that are hot selling.


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