How to Make Money From Blogging – Part2


How to Create A Profitable Newsletter
Blogging Platform That Can Funnel
N250,000 – N2million Per Month 

Into Your Bank Account


Hello and welcome to the part two of ” how to make money from blogging”. If you missed the first part, CLICK HERE TO READ IT


In this part, you’d learn about niche selection which is the most important aspect of blogging. You need to be able to decide the which market you want to serve. Professional bloggers already know who they want to speak to with their blog.


Blogging has gone beyond just registering a free blogger and posting “untargeted content”. Every post you write on your blog need to have a focus. For example, if you are reading this message right now then it means you want to learn how to make money from blogging right?


While setting up my ads on Facebook, I targeted you because I wanted you to see this. Do you understand my point? There are different niches to select from which you’d learn in the video below. But the general market where you can find these niches are health, wealth and relationship. 


In this tutorial, you’d learn about the niches. Find below the table of content for the next video.

Part Two:

  • How to Start a Newsletter Blog
  • Find a Niche Market
  • Start a Blog On The Niche
  • Publish Regularly
  • Build an Email List [ Using Paid Ads]
  • Understand Your Niche Market Needs Via Surveys and Simple Questions
  • Making a Newsletter Blog to Work For You


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If you enjoyed this second part and have questions, please feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.


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