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It’s actually very possible to make money fast today, but in order to make this to happen certain things need to come in to play. Even though I’m not an advocate for fast money, but a lot of people have found themselves in a condition where they require quick money.



If you want to make money fast today, like say on or before 24 hours or less then you need to spend some money! Yup, money gives faster results if you know how to make it work for you. Take for example, you need to make N50,000 today and you have a product that can give you N5,000 a day.



It means that you have to sell 10 of those products to hit your target right? Now, if you were to go through the free method; you probably have 3000 friends on Facebook but they are not necessarily targeted for that particular product, you could make a post and get a couple of likes… If you are lucky, maybe just one sale.



Or maybe you decided to use classified sites and all, you might not hit your target. The only way you can make money fast today is to spend money on adverts! With paid Facebook ads, you can target the exact audience that will buy your products especially when you use conversion ads.



Running a “targeted conversion ad” can help you make money fast today! If you are already conversant with Facebook ads, I’m certain that you know what a conversion ads is. But if you don’t let me explain.



There are different types of Facebook ads and each of them have different objectives.  The image below shows the various Facebook ads types:


Make Money Fast Today


The Facebook system is designed in such a way that your chosen ads objective  determines the outcome of your result. There are other factors that affects your outcome which includes:


  1. Your image
  2. Your ad copy
  3. Your ad content
  4. Your landing page
  5. Your sales page



Ok, ok so back to our focus on conversion ads, this kind of Facebook ads simply instructs Facebook to get you the best people for whatever you are converting for. If you have a product and you just want to get people to buy, your conversion ads should be for purchase.

Facebook charges you whenever a customer hits on your thank you page.



What Is A Thank You Page?

It’s a single page on your website where your customers are redirected to after they fill the order form on your sales page. Meanwhile your sales page is the single where you furnish your customer with all the information they need to know about your product.



How to Use Facebook for Business to Make Money Fast Today

Like I’ve always said, if you want to make money online you need a product or service that will provide enough value for your customers. Your products or service should be able to solve customer wants/needs, if you can get this right; they’d willingly pay give you their money.



Facebook for business can help you make a lot of money, but you need to understand how it works. You can get a good Facebook ads guide to help you. But in a nutshell, find below the necessary steps you need to follow.


What you need to do to make money online:

  1. Pick a product
  2. Study the market for the product
  3. Create a sales funnel
  4. Set up conversion ads on Facebook
  5. Get sales, rinse and repeat!



But Victor, What If I Don’t Have a Product?

If you don’t have a product or service to sell, you can simply sign up as an affiliate; there’s quite a handful of top paying affiliate programs out there to choose from. The golden rule is to pick a viable product that solves problems and use Facebook ads to target exactly those who need the products.


How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

It actually depends on you! If you pump in enough advert budget into your Facebook marketing and you have a highly converting funnel, you can make money from affiliate marketing in 24 hours or less.


Other Businesses That Can Help You Make Money Fast Today





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