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Hi buddies,

First, I’d have to apologise for not making any updates on this blog for a while now, really I have been swamped…. Working on something really cool that I’d share with you this month; I just want to ensure consistency so I can give you the best.


Two days ago, I received an email from Blessing Akanji titled “ Fiverr Course Testimonial“, the email came with an attachment. I opened it and what I read, made me happier! Like I have always told you, the main aim of having this blog is to help people!


Yes, everything is not free ( I have some paid courses) but then the majority of what you get on here is FREE. Blessing had benefited from my free content and he was able to raise money by using to free content which enabled him to buy my Fiverr Course!


Let me not bore you with long stories, read Blessing’s story below:

I am Akanji Blessing by name. Here is how I have a breakthrough online through Victor’s blog. This piece will not take your time, but if it does, I think it worth reading.

I heard of Fiverr in early 2015 through email but do not take it seriously. The mail guide on opening a US account on Fiverr and later offered a product for sale.


That time I don’t have money to buy the eBook, so I just opened an account with no service to sell because I have no skill. That was in March before I get fully started in September.


Later, I keep seeing different testimonials on Facebook on how people are making money on the platform. So I began searching for, “how to make money on Fiverr” on Google since I couldn’t afford an eBook. Different search results are displayed. I navigate through the pages but what usually end the promising texts is to pay to an account.


I was about to give up searching when I saw another link, clicked on it then skimmed through the content. Unlike other pages, I got some free info to get me started.

I know that was what I was searching for and I got five gig descriptions to start with and information on how to deliver them.


I was so excited, but there was another issue; I don’t have a PC to create my gig images. I later used a friend’s PC to create it and used Cafe to create my gigs. I keep checking my mail every day. About four weeks later I saw the congrats message from Fiverr.


I got an order. I jumped and rushed to the cafe to deliver. That is how I always deliver my gigs then. I later got an Android phone, installed WPS office and use it to edit text for delivery without having to go to a cafe.


From the free information, I was able to raise money to buy the Fiverr Unlocked product. That make Victor different from other info marketers out there, and I think they should emulate him. The Fiverr unlocked package further help to increase my earnings.


I have completed over 200 orders, and I made 100k in last year December. I didn’t look up to my parents for school fees and provision anymore. I got a bike to ease my going to school, got a PC and lots more, just to mention a few.


After finishing my program, I couldn’t secure a place to do my IT, but I don’t worry cos Fiverr pays my bills. My life has changed, and some of my dreams have come to reality right before my very own eyes. I used to be a broke guy before; now I got a new story.


Another thing is that Victor does support me whenever I contact him for help especially when buyers ask questions that I couldn’t answer for myself. He will reply me through text; I’ll then forward the message to the prospect. Victor helped me to make money online. Thank you, Victor, I am grateful.


P.S: Want to learn how to make money online and don’t know how? CLICK HERE to learn how to make up to $500 monthly working just a few hours from home. 

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