True Story – How He Made Money on Fiverr

A few days back I wrote about one of my blog readers who put all what he read on my blog on Fiverr and how he was able to do $500. As a matter of fact, he needs me to help him withdraw about $700 of his funds from Fiverr since he hasn’t gotten his Payoneer card and doesn’t have a Paypal either.


I will keep on stressing this “no matter how much time you spend reading articles on this blog, if you do not take action then you are only wasting your time. Williams happen to be one of the guys who refused to sit down and allow circumstances ( I am sure you know of the Boko Haram raid in Mubi) to overshadow him. Regardless of his predicament, he decided to do something meaningful with his time and it paid of well.


Enough of the talking… I would have to leave you now to hear from William.

Hello guys,  my name is Williams Alfred Onen, founder of Kiwixcompo, which is a great resource for computer-related tutorials, and I am a regular visitor at Victor Agina’s blog ( My success story might sound like a movie…but hey, I’m still going to talk about it. In fact, this is a solid testimonial I guess 🙂


So here it goes…

I recently graduated from Adamawa State University, Mubi. Last year (29th October 2014), the boko haram insurgents raided the whole town of Mubi which flushed us out of the school and the school was closed indefinitely.


Throughout that time, I had been trying to recover from the shock of things that I saw and experienced. It took me 3 months to do so, after which I got tired of staying at home where I had constant light and internet supply.

I decided to go out there (online of course!) because I studied computer science and I am good in developing web applications and I wanted to see how I could use that to get some money online before my school called us back.


So BEHOLD! I stumbled upon Victor’s blog. I watched a video of his,which he explained a step-by-step guide on how to create a gig on Fiverr and also, how to deliver it. I did exactly as he had instructed and I was checking my account after almost every 4 hours interval.


There was nothing at first. Then after like 3 days, I got my first order. It was a $15 order. I was really excited. I did it very well and the same customer ended up paying a total of $75 because he liked my contents and wanted more. I also had good customer relations in terms of my communication with my clients…which gave them no option but to leave positive feedback after every order. 


After the first month (March 7th, 2015), I had twice the number of completed orders required by Fiverr to get to level one and they just had to make me a level one seller. After the second month (April 7th, 2015), I had more than the 50 completed orders required by Fiverr to get to level two and I became a level two seller automatically. 


Today, I make an average of $12 a day which is currently like 2387.40 in naira. Imagine making that amount by just sitting at home on your PC under your fan or air conditioner every day. Seriously, I’m not the type of person that usually likes publicizing my success stories, but this is worth writing about.



Do you want to make up to $500 every month by working just a few hours on Fiverr?

How to sell ALMOST ANYTHING easily over and over!

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