make money from home

make money from home

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This year, everyone’s looking for a side-hustle or passive income opportunity to give their bank account a boost. Are you looking for easy ways to make money from home? Here are six ideas to get you making savings from your sofa. 


Air BnB

Do you have a spare room? Why not try renting it out. This might be a particularly useful money maker if you live in a city that receives lots of tourists or business people who travel. Some people rent out their spare room, while other people rent out their entire house while they stay with a friend. 


Affiliate Marketing 

If you want to earn money from home, maybe you’ve already set up a blog? You hear lots of talking about blogging being lucrative, but that’s only if you set it up to be profitable. One way that many bloggers do this? It’s through affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing allows you to make a commission on a sale. You write about products or services that you enjoy, and if your readers click the link and make a purchase, you receive a small percentage as commission. Focus on creating a trustworthy blog that gets lots of readers, and this could be an excellent passive income stream for you. 


Matched betting 

Many people looking to make money try gambling. They might try games of chance like lotteries, poker, roulette, or Satta Matka. These are all ways of making money, but they do carry risks. Matched betting is becoming increasingly popular as a more reliable way of making money. This is a technique with which people use free bets and incentives offered by betting shops.


This approach uses mathematical equations rather than chance and is done in a careful, calculated manner. Because of this, many people see it as a low-risk way to make money through betting. As with any betting, people who use matched betting should be aware of the legalities in their country and proceed with caution to not risk they can’t afford to lose. 



Taking surveys online is a great way to make a little bit on the side. Sites reward you with either cash or vouchers in return for your answers. You won’t be reaping in massive amounts, but if you have a few free hours here and there, your rewards can start to rack up. Try sites like or InboxDollars.


Online tutor 

Do you have skills that other people need? Maybe you speak another language, or you are skilled in Photoshop? You can sell your knowledge online and make money from home. Many different websites allow you to teach languages online, and you can usually choose to teach either adults or kids. If you have a practical skill like marketing or design, you could earn money by creating a course on Skillshare. 

Website tester 

Did you know that you can be paid to test other people’s websites? Companies want their websites to be user-friendly, and they’ll pay people to give their feedback. You need to understand what makes a good website, and you usually need to apply and be accepted for the role. Once you get started, you’ll typically spend around half an hour looking around a website and then providing feedback. 


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