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How to Make Money Importing From Aliexpress

I had a terrible day; still trying to recover from the terrible trauma of my ” One Chance Experience” I had meant to write this post before now, but I have to do this just before I hit my bed… Yawns. Yes, I have to work real hard to serve you valuable contents .


So here goes; I have got lots of people buzz me on Blackberry Messenger and phone calls asking me questions like ‘ How Can I Import From China Without Travelling?’ ‘ What are the Secrets of Importing from China to Nigeria’ etc. So I have decided to put up this post so I can just direct them to this page rather than repeatedly explaining the same things over and again.


It’s very possible to run a home based importation business, it all starts with your computer, internet facility and your Mastercard/Visacard enabled ATM. Honestly, there is no big deal about this. I have seen lots of people organise seminars on the subject matter; infact I have had to pay N10,000 about $63 just to learn about this; something I probably knew all along.


Well, they say no knowledge is a waste and that’s absolutely true.  Now back to the ‘koko ‘of the matter, if you want to make money importing products for cheap from China and making more than 100 percent profit in most cases, then you should read this post in its entirety.


Technology has eased the way we transact business;it is now possible for you to make a purchase over the internet and have the item shipped to your doorstep. Importing products from China without travelling is no big deal. My Dad  is a business man with speciality in importing Jeans and Chinos trousers from China.


Most times, he has had to travel to make purchases and have them ship to Nigeria. I visited his office two months ago and saw some pretty cool Polo chinos trousers; I knew he did not travel during that period so I asked him how he got them, he explained to me how he had sent money over to the manufacturer in China after getting samples through someone in China.


Well, my Dad never had to pay for visa fees, or ticket fees or hotel accommodation. Now you might be thinking,my Dad has at least travelled before he made these contacts but the truth is that you do not have to travel. I once placed an order for a cool polo t-shirt, made in China with high quality and I got it delivered to my office address.


I wore it a few times and a friend of mine who loved it obtained it from me. In the next paragraphs, I will teach you how to import from China without travelling to China. You may ask, why China? The truth is the Chinese can produce stuffs for you for dirt cheap! As per the quality, you dictate to them what you want them to produce and they deliver as requested.


In order to make money importing from China you need to look out for products that satisfy needs; for example women need to look good for the men, so they need to buy human hair to accentuate their beauty, they need to buy make-up kits, most of them want to rid themselves of stretch marks, most want to lose weight, they want to wear good clothes etc.


What if you could find a way of satisfying their needs for cheap? The idea here is to get quality products for cheap, resell and make money. The following steps will guide you on how to go about this:Before you proceed, you need you a laptop/desktop system and an internet facility.


Now let’s go; let’s head-over to the website 


I am using Aliexpress as a case study, there are lots of other websites out there where you can pay and have your product delivered to your door step. There are several items which sell like wildfire on this like human hair for the ladies; every lady wants to look good, make up kit, Blackberry phone, autom0tives, electronics etc.


The aliexpress platform is easy to use, on the left hand side of the screen, you find various categories of items to shop for. Further expanding the categories gives a list of other product options to choose  from. The good news is that you can make close to 100 – 200 percent profit selling each item.


I know a guy who sells wristwatches and this is what he did; created a fanpage on facebook, you can find his url here You can adopt the same strategy; look for great products, create a facebook fanpage or mini website, drive traffic to the website and make sales.

In order to leverage on the Aliexpress platform, you need to create an account to enable you shop from the website:

Visit, Click on the Join Now button on the top right hand of the page to sign up:


Fill in the required information, an email would be sent to you for account confirmation. After the registration process, you are free to shop online. You can shop using your regular ATM debit card with an Inter-switch or MasterCard logo on it. In order to make good money off this website, there are certain things you have to put into consideration:


1. Cost/Mode of Shipping: Some of the sellers on Aliexpress do offer free shipping, but you must know that free shipping takes a lot of time to get to your destination. You have the option on the search bar to select the mode of shipping that is appropriate for you. Other mode of shipping include DHL, UPS, EMS etc.


2. Quality of the product: Before you purchase products on the website, it is imperative to look out for the feedbacks from other buyers; this would give you a knowledge about the quality of the product. Buyers usually have to leave their feedbacks after they have purchased a product from the supplier.


3. Price Negotiation: The Aliexpress website has a chat option which allows you to chat with the sellers before placing an order for your desired product. During the chat session, you can negotiate the price with the buyer if you are doing a bulk purchase.


Aliexpress protects the buyer from fraudulent sellers; the funds would not be released to the seller until the buyer confirms that he received the product in good condition, else there would be a refund. Now to the meat of this article, this is how you can make money.


Let’s say you know a hair dressing salon which is heavily patronized around your area, you can order a sample of human hair from Aliexpress and pre-sell to the client. If he/she agrees to the pricing; you could request for an upfront of 50 percent which in most cases might cover the total cost of the products since these products are relatively cheap on Aliexpress.


I know this method might seem not realistic but this is the strategy Kemi utilised and she made 100k in a month. You can easily source for products on Aliexpress using the search function, you can search based on item name, shipping method etc. Once you get the samples, you can now start with marketing; but it would be wise to know if the product is in high demand before making a purchase. Once you have ready buyers with cash in hand; making sales would not be an arduous task.


So get creative today with this information, search for cheap and quality products on Aliexpress, contact prospective buyers with your sample; upon agreement you can get an upfront fee and place an order for the products in bulk. There is no better time to start than to start now by visiting, sign up and choose your products.

Please feel free if you have any questions to ask.

Until Next Time…



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