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Honestly, I’m not trying to mislead you but the truth is that you can make money online fast.

Oh yeah, if you follow a very simple and straight forward pattern, you can make money in 24 hours from now. The advent of the internet has made it possible to sit in the comfort of your home and make a lot of money.


In this article, I’d teach you how to make money online fast even if you were a newbie.

Please note that these methods in one way or the other will require you to invest a bit of money. If you have the “free business” mentality, then internet business is not for you. You have to invest something to get started, if you know that you can spend a few bucks to get 5-7 figures online, wouldn’t you do it?


So How Do You Make Money Online Fast?

In order to make money online fast, you need to find to find a need and provide a solution to that need, PERIOD! Do you know that there are millions of people searching for solutions to their problems everyday?

What if you can position a product that solves those problems in their faces, do you know how much you can earn from that? Listen to me, if you are the kind of person that jumps from one shiny object to the other, then you need to get this formula right. If you can do this, then you’d make money on command.


make money online

Figure 1


As you can see in Figure 1 above, there are 550,000 people searching for the keyword “Acne”. What if you could give these people the right solution to solve their problems? Let’s say you have a product that gives you N5,000 per profit and you sell just 100 pieces of that product to these guys, that’s N500,000 right?


In order to make money online fast by providing solutions to peoples’ problems, you need to create a “sales funnel”, you also need people to trust you; it’s in trusting you that they buy from you.

How do you build trust? 

By giving first! Even the Holy Bible says, “Give and It Shall Be Given Unto You” in the book of Matthew 6: 38. So you need to give first!

How can you give?


By providing your prospects with valuable contents. For example, you can write a simple article that reads “5 Rare Fruits That Can Totally Eliminate Acne In 7 Days From Now”. Make sure you provide great value with this content. After they read it, they’d become freer with you and buy your product almost immediately or in the nearest feature.


So In a More Structures Manner Here’s What You Need to Do to Make Money Online Fast:


1. Create a Sales Funnel. You need a website to make this work! Your funnel should have a pre-sell content, a squeeze page and a sales page. The first thing the visitors see is the pre-sell ( this is the 400 – 500 word article) you have written to share a tip about the problem they are facing.

At the end of the content, you need to have a squeeze page or an optin form attached to it so they can give you their details (Name, email address and/or phone number). With their details you can send them follow up messages and direct them to the sales page where they’d see the product you have for sale.


2. Send Traffic to Your Sales Funnel. Having a sales funnel without traffic is like opening a shop in a corner of the street where nobody gets to see your products. With Facebook ads, you can direct the right people ( those who are likely interested) in your product to see your contents. Because they are highly targeted, they will buy if you set up your ads appropriately. 


3. Follow Up Through Email Auto-Responder: An auto-responder is a software that sends pre-programmed emails to your subscribers. Most of your prospects will not purchase from you immediately, so you’d need to send them “engaging emails” to further soften them up so they can buy your products over time. 


4. Rinse and Repeat. Once you get a hang of how the sales system works, you can rinse and repeat this process for any product. Just do your research, import products (that solves problem) or get them locally, create your sales funnel and send traffic to it. Just like that oooh!!!


What if you don’t have products or you just don’t know how to source for products, you can join an affiliate program, pick up a product and set up a sales funnel for the product. Affiliate programs pay you a certain percentage whenever you get a customer to purchase a product. 


If you can get this right, then you can make money online fast, you can command money whenever you want. I hope this helps.


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Until next time




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