Years ago to earn an income, it meant you went out to work each day. You worked from nine till five and then you went home. That happened five days a week. You took home a pay cheque, and that was that. As technology has advanced and the digital world has taken over, the opportunities for earning an income have changed a little.

Sure, you can still go out to earn a crust, but more and more people are considering money making ventures online. So is there real big bucks to be made? I explore a few ways you could earn some money online.


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Making more use of social media profiles

Social media is huge. There is no shying away from that. First, there were some of the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The introduction of Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Youtube to name a few. All of which can provide huge money making opportunities for engaging profiles. Youtube is a big one. Making videos for your own channel and allowing advertising to take place.


As your subscribers increase so does your opportunity to earn. Brands are looking to work with real people these days. They are keen to collaborate with individuals with excellent social media profiles. But sometimes it can be difficult to build up a following, especially on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Which is why it may be worth it to buy Facebook likes or consider other strategies to increase your following. In the long term, the investment could pay off.


A blog can be a money maker

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. But, while many monetise their blogs it is only a small percentage that earns huge amounts of money from their blogs. So how do they do that? With hardwork and determination. It’s possible for anyone to have a successful blog.


Advertising income through brand collaborations. Or being commissioned to write articles is just some of the ways you can. Other options include using affiliate links. While success may not happen over night, with careful planning your blog could be a money maker.

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Consider other online ventures

There are other online ventures to consider. Things like mystery shopping take place online these days. More companies want people to test out their websites and report back on how easy it is to use. It can be big business. Also, other online ventures include matched betting and filling in online surveys.


Starting up an online business with a website

Alternatively, you could also consider setting up a business online. This means creating a website and marketing your product and service online only. More people tend to use the internet for their shopping. Whether it’s food, clothes or other items, many purchases take place online these days.


So what’s the verdict?

Having only just covered a small indication on how you can make money online I think the answer is it can be very lucrative. If you have the time, the patience and the know how making money online could be an easy income for you.


I hope this has inspired you to look into alternative ways to boost your disposable income.


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