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I am going to start this article by apologizing for being offline for the past 12 days or thereabout. Honestly, it’s not my making. I was hit once again by “an unstable hosting company”. I feel terrible that I have to go through this pain again.


And this happened barely 24 hours after I wrote a review about my former hosting company DTC Servers. For the past few months I used them, they have been good but for some reasons, they have completely shut down.

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Anyway, that’s just by the way… I have been working behind the scene all this while and today I want to share with you a straight forward way to earn N35,000 in 24 hours.

It’s not particularly a big deal; some of my “Seniors in the IM Business”, make more than this but as usual I just want to share with you.


I will be showing you the result from one of the campaigns I set up on Facebook a few days back. This article is over 1500 words, so grab a cup of coffee, beer, malt or whatever drink you like and enjoy it! Please read it in its entirety if you want to make money online.

There are certain things you need to do for this same system to work for you and they are:

  1. Identify a Hungry Market ( I targeted the weight loss niche)
  2. Look for a Product That Satisfies Their Needs ( I got a highly effective weight loss supplement)
  3. Set Up a Sales System to Sell The Product (Learn to sell differently from others)
    • a. Squeeze page
    • b. Sales Page
    • c. Follow Up Emails etc
  4. Drive Traffic to Your Squeeze Page ( I used paid traffic from Facebook)
  5. Tweak Your Pages and Ads For Better Results


You Will Also Need:

  • A Domain Name
  • A Good Hosting Account
  • Copywriting Skills for Your Sales Letter (Can be outsourced)
  • Some Technical Skills to Upload Your Sales Letter, Squeeze Page etc (Can be outsourced)
  • Some Cash for Advertising


1. Identify Hungry Market

I started by identifying a niche which I strongly believe is starved and need solution. After carrying out lots of research and observing, I selected the “weight loss niche”, even though there’s quite a lot of competition in this niche, you can still make money by selling differently.


My Facebook campaigns were solely targeted at Women; I focused on selling to women because as you already know, Women are more aware of their bodies and looks compared with men.

Have you ever heard a Woman talk about how big her stomach is? How bad she wants to lose weight to stay attractive for her man?


So you see it’s a problem…

2. Look For Products That Satisfies Their Needs

The ideal thing to do is to look for a solution that solves their “over-weight “problem. Now let me warn you here, do not make the mistake of selling sub standard stuffs!

Do not sell stuffs that do not work! Before you sell any stuff that relates to health, I strongly advice that you make your research to identify a product that has been used by many.


If you intend to make money online by selling eBooks with this strategy, you can do so but like I warned earlier; do not sell balderdash to people, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and build your credibility over time. When you have a group of loyalists, they can help you get more clients for free.


I had to look for a weight loss products that’s not too expensive but also delivers great results. I found one and sold to a few customers, after about 10 days of using the product, I called them on phone to confirm if the product worked for them and YES, it did! As a matter of fact, they were really excited and full of thanks.


There’s something else I would like to point out here that I did and I strongly believe it increased my sales. Instead of just selling the weight loss capsules as stand alone, I offered a complementary stretch mark product. Stretch marks emerge as a result of a rapid increase or decrease of the skin.


I also offered a discount since I was selling the products as a single unit, I told them how much it would normally cost to get the both products individually from ecommerce websites, but they were getting a discount for buying from me.


3. Set Up a Sales System

It’s one thing to identify a hungry market and research for a product to sell to that market, but then it’s another thing to set up a system to sell the products.

Just like in a conventional business; like my brothers in Alaba Market, you need to have a shop where people can come and access what you have to offer.

Unless you are one of those “Osoafia Boys”… even at that, they still end up taking the customer to one of the shops.


But in this case, you have to build an online selling system that will help you to sell the products. You would need a sales copy for selling, an auto-responder for sending automated emails to your subscribers, and you need a hosting and domain name.


Before purchasing a hosting account, it’s wise to do your due diligence so you don’t end up frustrated just like I did early this month. You need a good webhost that will not shut down on you, CLICK HERE TO GET A RELIABLE AND CHEAP HOSTING ACCOUNT WITH FREE DOMAIN NAME


If you need me to set up the exact system that helped me make N35,000 in 24 hours, CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME.


4. Drive Traffic To Your Page

“They Don’t See, They Don’t Buy”. If you have products for sale and lock them inside your bedroom, will anybody buy it? I guess you already know the answer is an emphatic NO! A website without visitors is a complete waste of time and effort.


So your duty is to push your website to as many eyes as possible. When I say pushing your products to the eyes of people, I don’t mean “just any kind of people.” You have to look for a way to promote your website to your potential customers.


What I mean is this… You can’t push a weight loss product to people interested in purchasing electronics. So how do you target people who are interested in your product? Simple, you use Facebook. Yes, the same Facebook where most people login to Faff around and waste their time!


Big data has made it possible for Facebook to help you reach out to just any category of people you intend to sell your products to. I learned Facebook partnered with third party data provider to be able to pull out even the most sensitive data such as “people with buying history”, this feature is only available to advertisers from a few countries.


My Facebook campaign cost me $0.02 per click and a click through rate of 4.59%. I started getting requests to deliver the products almost immediately the campaign started because it was highly targeted. See screenshot below:


make money online


And See Some of The Results…


make money online


If you need me to set up the exact system that helped me make N35,000 in 24 hours and show you how to get this kind of results, CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME.


5. Tweak Your Ads and Pages for Better Conversion

Now about running of Ads on Facebook, I strongly recommend that you create different variations of your Ads and observe the one that converts best. You will only sacrifice a few dollars to get this right but once its right, its right!


If you are beginner and don’t know how to use Facebook for advertising, I have to be honest with you right here… You might get frustrated! Yes, I know because I used to feel like that a few years back.


You run your Ads and it feel like mehnnn, nothing is happening…. Nna eh, People are just clicking through, no optins, no sales… Don’t worry, everything is learnable (if there’s an English word like that 🙂 )! If it’s still difficult, you can pay someone like me to do it for you.


So that’s basically it mate! You can make money online by replicating this process for any product. You only need to know the pain point of your audience, look for a product, promote with an online selling system, make money, rinse and repeat!


I spent about 4 hours writing this article and my back hurts! I would be happy if you can implement or at least try to implement what I have written down here. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop a comment in the box below.


I have to run now.

If you enjoyed this article, please use the social media share button below to share with your friends and loved ones.



Until next time.



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