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4 Female Body Care Products That Sell Like Hot Cake (Details Inside)

If you are a full time mini importer then I am sure you already understand the reasons why you should import products that are already selling in the marketplace. Obviously, you don’t want to import products and have them stocked in your office or garage or wherever it is that you store your items.

Or maybe in your underground apartment in Lekki like one of my friend would say…


If you are not into “the importation business”, please ignore my opening lines, this article is also meant for you to benefit from and you will see how; so brace yourself up as you digest this over 940 word “No Fluff” piece of writing!


Onward… I just got my 4th sms notification alert; somebody has just ordered for one of the female products I recently listed on The reason why I have decided to focus more on these female products is that unlike men (The Hippos), women (The Butterflies) and the fragile ones are very conscious of their looks and bodies; that’s why most of the American celebrities you know are always fixing one body part or the other like they are changing “Spare Parts” in Ladipo market!


If they are not fixing boobs, it’s either they are fixing their bum or stomach etc. Why do you think they spend “good money on these things?” Every woman loves to look good. Now what if you could help them achieve their dream of looking good, staying healthy, having a flat tummy or firm boobs etc?


Hold on for a moment! Think about that “Pela guy that sells skin whitening products”, I am sure you already know how rich he is (that guy don hammer wella)! So well, you might not be Pela or might not have the finances to import most of those expensive products, there’s still a way out. Before I continue, let me share with you some of the female products that are selling right now.


weight loss


1. Weight Loss Products: Everyday, thousands to hundreds of thousands of women are hitting Google search engine with the query “how to lose weight” or “how to lose weight fast” for the really desperate ones. These people are looking for a solution to their problem. What if you can help them by providing them with a product that solves this problem for them? Think about it.


For weight loss, here’s one product you can promote:

Forever Living Product Clean 9 Weight Management Program.


This product might be a little expensive but it works and that’s all that matters. Do a Google Lookup with the keyword “Forever Clean 9” or you can check this link here >>>

You can earn between N5,000 – N7,000 profit promoting this product once you become a distributor for FREE. If you want to become a distributor, send an email to with subject ” I Want to Join Forever Living”


2. Breast Firming Cream. Most women end up getting a sagged breast after breast feeding. The unlucky ones may develop sagged breasts even before they have a baby. You will never know but I have been with women and I can tell you, they care more about having a standard and full breast than having a sagged breast. What if you could fill their need by providing them with a natural, herbal, breast enlarging cream?


What if I show you where to get this breast enlarging cream right here in Nigeria without going through the stress of importing it yourself? See how much this product sells on Do you know you can get the product for less than N1,000 here in Nigeria? If you sell at that price, it’s over 200% in pure profits!


Email me on to get information on how to get the product right here in Nigeria. Use the subject title “Breast Firming Cream Inquiry”


3. Slimming Patches and Belts. These ones also sell like hot cake but I don’t import them. You can see how they are performing on


4. Stretch Mark Cream. This one is another hot cake that can blow your profits like a storm. I know of a lady who spent over N70,000 to remove stretch marks from her skin but at the end of the day, it didn’t work. Women could spend money on anything to make them better! Forever Living has a revolutionary “Stretch Mark” product that’s guaranteed to eliminate those “Tiger Marks” from any kind of body.


You can also sell this product and keep over 100% profits.

Those are the four products I can share with you for now. You can source for these products yourself, list them on, sell and make money. Though doesn’t accept selling one or two of the products but I can help you set up a system to sell any of the products you decide to sell (especially the weight loss and stretch mark products), you can email me or leave a comment here for more information.


Now that you know all these, what do you want to do? Take Action! If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message through the comment box.


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Until next time.





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