3 Things Holding You Back From Making Money Blogging (And How To Overcome Them)

making money blogging

Do you have a blog? Chances are you do. It may have been a blog you started to document your progress on a college project. It may be a movie review site you started when you were young and seemed to have all the time in the world.


It might even be something that you contribute to every now and then but you don’t really keep track of your stats, nor do you particularly care how many (if any) people read it; your blog is just a therapeutic way for you to reflect on your quotidian experiences and occasional insights. Most of the 152 million blogs out there fall into one of these categories.

They’re seldom updated or abandoned and draw only a smattering of traffic usually from the blogger’s friends and family.

making money blogging


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When it comes to the idea of making money from blogging, you probably imagine that this is a pipe dream. Surely, such a pursuit is the preserve of a bohemian elite? But the truth is that most professional bloggers are normal everyday people who have found their niche and think strategically about the content they post, and have built up enough of a following to generate revenue through advertising.

It may not be a simple process (nothing worth having is), but it is nonetheless completely achievable. In order to achieve success, however, you may feel that the following are holding you back…


Time and energy


You work long hours in a demanding day job. You come home exhausted, and the last thing you feel like doing is pulling out your laptop and ;letting the words flow. You just want to make some dinner and vegetate for a little while. After all, this is your time, right?!

Well, it is your time and while the temptation to spend it relaxing is understandable, you’ll never get yourself out of this comfortable rut.


In order to give your blog’s Search Engine Optimization a boost you need to post new content every day. Most blog posts are around the 500 word mark and this will take a professional blogger around 20-40 minutes (or an hour if you’re a bit rusty). That’s not so hard right?

An hour a day is a pretty small ask for something that could potentially change your life. If you really struggle to find the energy in the evening, set your alarm an hour earlier and start your day with a blog post. It’s a great way to energize your mind and start the day off right!




Worry is the enemy of creativity and many would-be bloggers let their blogs go to seed as they’re too stressed or preoccupied to write. Don’t let worries like money and stress stand in your way of realizing your dream!


If your debts are keeping you up at night now’s the time to seek help settling your debt. How do debt settlement companies work? Well, there are a range of solutions geared towards helping you manage or consolidate your debts, but all will give you peace of mind and likely more disposable income than you thought you’d have.


Lack of imagination


There’s nothing worse than staring down a blank screen because you’re bereft of imagination and can’t think what to write about. The best medicine for this is to read avidly and voraciously. Read other blogs who specialize in the same niche. Feel free to share your perspective on the same topics and reach out to them on social media. Often, engaging with a community is one of the best way to rekindle that creative flame!

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