Mini Importation: Three Classes of Products That Can Help You Rake In 6-7 Figures

mini importation

These days I see a lot of people jump into mini importation and then jump out the same way they jumped in… Do you know why? They were misinformed!

The business of “mini importation” is getting quite popular in Nigeria and a lot of people want to get a “slice of the pie”. While it’s true that some people are raking in steady 6-7 figures from the business, others are practically struggling.


You don’t just swipe your card or do a transfer and import just about any product “you think will sell”. If you do that, the resultant effect would be you having a bunch of products in your store with nobody to buy them.


If you want to make money from the mini importation business, then you need to think outside the box. The first step in this business is to identify the category of products that people would be eager to buy.


It’s a sweet feeling when you have people begging to buy your product but on the flip side, it’s a very bitter feeling when you have nobody show interest in your product. You don’t want to latter to happen to you, do you?


I remember when I started the mini importation business, my first products were a total flop, I ended up dashing them out to family members. It was a horrible feeling, I don’t want that to happen to you hence the reason why I’m writing this article.


In the next few paragraphs, you will discover the three classes of products that will help you make more than 300% ROI (Return on Investment) from mini importation business.

In no particular order, find below the 3 categories:


1. Health, Beauty and Pleasure: Teeth whiteners, stretch mark, acne, scars, butt/ breast/ hip enlargement, eye sight products.

Do you know that stretch mark actually makes most Women to lose self esteem; so if you can help them eliminate it, they will gladly give you their money.


Most Women have become so artificial these days because they either want to look very attractive to Men or just maybe they want to “slay on the Gram”, in a bid to look better, they buy products like the breast/hip enlargement since they cannot afford to go for surgery.


What if you have products that can solve those problems, can you imagine how much you can make? The good thing about this category of products is the fact that you’d get frequent repeat customers… But that’s only if the product works as described!


2. Convenience Product: Electric lunch box, hand sewing machine, tooth paste dispenser, 12 in 1 kitchen tools, tire inflator, fuel saver.


There are hundreds of convenience products that can help you rake in some sweet figures. For example, the “fuel shark” which happens to be a small electronic device that reduces the consumption rate of fuel is in high demand.


Every Nigerian car owner will definitely want to lower the cost of spending on fuel, don’t you think?

The tire inflator serves as an emergency alternative for pumping air into your car tires when there is a deflation, nobody wants to be stranded on the road. Imagine travelling on a high way and your tired goes flat and there’s no vulcanizer in place. This can be a life saver.


3. Safety Security: Car tracker, kids GPS watch, spy cam, spy pen, smoke detector, wifi camera.


Sometime last year or there about, there was a viral video flying around the internet where a maid was seen beating up a child that was kept in her care, I still feel jittery when I remember that video.


If not for the fact that the house owner installed a spy camera in the house, he wouldn’t have known about the unfair treatment that was being meted on the child by the maid.


Spy devices are HOT Cakes, you should consider importing them.


It’s not enough to know about these products, it’s not enough to import them. The koko of the matter is that you need to know how to sell them. Are you in the mini importation business, but don’t know how to import the products for dirt cheap price?


Will you like to learn about a unique marketing system that will help you sell your products at the snap of a finger?


Do you want to learn how to import products and sell to other African countries from the comfort of your home? If YES, then let me show you a more detailed training that will help you become a Master in the mini importation business.


One of my mentors Mr. Patrick Ogidi has recorded an over 1 hour video where you’d learn everything you need to know about the business. But this video will be available for only  a short time.


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