Mini Importation Secrets: Starting an eCommerce Business From Scratch Without a Website or Product

mini importation secrets

Mini Importation Secrets: Starting an eCommerce Business From Scratch Without a Website or Product

What’s your excuse for not starting a mini importation business yet?

Is it lack of Money?

Are you confused on how to get started?

or just maybe you are scared of importing products and not sure if it’s going to sell.


Whatever your excuses are, you are about to lose them because I’m going to reveal to you some mini importation secrets that will help you get started even if you don’t own a website or product.

Incase you missed my earlier post about this business, you can still learn some other mini importation secrets HERE.


First, I’d be addressing article to two categories of people. First category is for those who have at least N20,000 to start mini importation and the second is for those who “don’t have money”. Starting an eCommerce business from scratch without a website or product is not rocket science if you know how about this mini importation secrets.


If you have N20,000, here’s what you can do:

1. Search for products that are hot in demand, make sure you pick between 10-20 of them. Write out a description for each of the products; make sure your description is optimized for search engine. For example, when you type “Dr James Slimming Capsule”, the first website you’d see is a sales page I created many years ago. 


SEO is not that difficult, you can use Google to learn more about that. After writing good and catchy descriptions and titles for the products, now head over to and and post the product pictures and descriptions you crafted. You can repeat each of the products with different titles, pictures and little price variation.


If you do this well, you can have people contact you about the product in 24-48 hours. Observe the products that they request for more. Now you can go ahead and import the items through WhatsApp by using the method I thought in my mini importation course. 


2. The second option would be to pick one product and run Facebook ads with N2,000 out of your N20,000. If you are good at setting up Facebook ads, you should be able to get a few customers just to be sure the product is a banger. Once you get 3-5 buyer requests, then you need to quickly import the products and sell for profits.


If you don’t have money to start up, the mini importation secrets can still help you. All you need to do is to search for hot selling products, then check for people who are already selling these products on OLX, JIJI and Facebook.

Negotiate with them to cut down on the price since you are reselling. Follow steps one and two above, when you get the order you can simply forward it to them to deliver through their dispatch.


After the sale is completed, they take the cost of the product and delivery and send you the balance which is your profit. Does it sound like rocket science.

Many of the so called guru won’t teach you these mini importation secrets without having you pay for it; but here you have it on a platter of Gold. This is the best I can do for you, if you don’t move, nobody can move you.


One very important skill you need to learn in the mini importation business is the skill of using Facebook advertising to sell products. If you can do this, then you’d never go broke.

The mini importation secrets will not be complete if I don’t show you how to advertise on Facebook. One of my mentors shared a link that would be useful to you, CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE.


If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comment box. 

I got to run now.




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