An Incredible Way to Make 6-7 Figures Every Month from Mini Importation

mini importation

You’ve probably heard a lot about mini importation business; just maybe you’ve read hundreds of sales pages from quack marketers whose sole aim is to rip you off your money. In this blog post, I’m going to burn many peoples’ cable.


There are just a few Nigerians who are really making money from the mini importation business, these 1-5 guys are my mentors and I learn a lot from them; I invest in their courses and I get value for my money. Now this post is not about them, it’s about you!


Why am I qualified to write about it? Because this same mini importation puts money on my table more than any other. I just moved into a new apartment and guess what? It’s mini importation money that paid the rent!


Are you ready to learn? This is going to be the best post (and a long one) you’d ever read about mini importation business. So if I were you, I’d close everything I’m doing at the moment, grab a pen, paper and a bottle of beer (if you were like me :)).


What You Are Going to Learn?

  1. What’s Mini Importation Business?
  2. What Do You Need to Get Started?
  3. How Much Can You Start With?
  4. Best Practices: Before You Import Anything, Do This!
  5. The Best Niches to Focus On
  6. How to Search for Hot Selling Products
  7. One Hot Selling Product You Can Get Started With Right Away
  8. How to Source for Products Locally
  9. How to Import Your Products From China
  10. Marketing: How to Sell Your Products to Hungry Customers
  11. How to Deliver Your Products
  12. Rinse and Repeat


1. What’s Mini Importation?

In lay Man’s term, mini means small right? So I’d be on track to say that mini importation means small importation; that is importing of items from other countries on a small scale and selling for 100% or more profits.


When you successfully buy something from outside your country and ship it to your own country, then you would be called an importer; just like my darling brothers in Trade Fair and Alaba International. The only difference between Alaba brothers and you is that they import in big containers, while you can import in little cartons. Clear right?


2. What Do You Need to Get Started?

a. The information you are reading right now

b. A phone/laptop with internet access

c. A Facebook Fanpage and/or website

d. Money to Import The Products

e. Facebook Marketing Skills (There are lots of free trainings online)


3. How Much Money Can You Start With?

Good News! You don’t need a lot of money to start this business, you can start small and grow it into a 6,7 or more figures business. With as little as N10,000 you can successfully import a few items. One of my mentees recently started her hand bag business with just N12,000.


Very smart girl, in fact she already had customers who had paid in advance for the bags even before she imported it. She simply implored a pre-marketing technique (more about that later). So you see, lack of money should not stop you from starting this business. You can start small and grow big!


4. Best Practices: Before You Import Anything, Do This!

I’d be upfront honest with you, the first two attempts to import and sell from China was a total flop! I imported a handful of bags and wrist watches out of excitation, I thought I was going to make a fortune. I ran some ads on Facebook and got not a single order.


Guess what? All my female friends and family collected those bags and watches, out of pity some gave me money not even up to the cost price. The truth is that the bags were not in vogue! Not just that, the fake ass Chinese agent Mr. Lee sent me substandard bags and even sent items I never requested for.


I later saw better bags and wrist watches in Trade Fair market at an even cheaper rate from what I imported. No wonder I couldn’t sell them.

Listen, before you import anything, don’t be too quick to assume that people will buy them. You need to run a test to ascertain if people need them before you go ahead to bring them in, otherwise you’d waste your money!


How Do You Know If People Would Buy?

You need to run a test advert on Facebook! I’ve found Facebook to be one of the most useful advertising tools online.

You can target any demographics based on their age, sex, location, interests etc. For example, if you were to sell bags; first you get the pictures of the bags and then run a sponsored post (N1,000 – N3,000) should be enough.


If you get the targeting right and you have at least 4-10 people requesting for the bag, then you know it’s a good product to import.

The next thing you need to do is to reach out to those people and tell them to order in advance, let them know the products are sample products and that people have paid for them even before arrival. Pause the advert on Facebook then proceed to import the products from China.


5. The Best Niches to Focus On

While selling female bags can make you money, you can also make a lot of money by solving problems by recommending “solution products” to your customers. If you can show people how you can help them solve a particular pain problem with your product, they would buy from you!


Two Niches You Can Focus On Right Now Are:

  1. Health/Beauty
  2. Security


a. Let’s say you have a product that can help remove stubborn spots from the faces of Women, do you think they would buy if you present it well to them?

Of course they would! Or just maybe you know about a product that can help Men regrow hair on the bald areas of their head, they’d definitely buy from you if you set up your marketing funnel appropriately.


There are hundreds of products under the Health/Beauty niche that can fetch you a lot of money and they are:

  1. Beard Oil
  2. Bald Head Treatment

iii. Cure for Acne

  1. Skin Lightening
  2. Weight Loss Remedy

Etc, etc, etc….


b. Security Products:

  1. Spy Camera
  2. Spy Glasses

iii. Smart Watches for Adults and Kids ( some of them have a GPS Tracker)

  1. GPS Trackers

etc, etc, etc…


6. How to Search For Hot Selling Products

We all copy in one way or the other… So this is not “Black Hat” kinda stuff! I know a lot of people spy from me too, it’s a free world!

Basically what this strategy entails is this… You go to Facebook and search for products that are selling very well on other Facebook pages, then you import and sell.


Watch The Video Below to See How This Works:



7. One Hot Product You Can Get Started With Right Away

Okay right now I think I’m being too generous with the information I’m about to reveal to you. Because I care about you being the best, I’d tell you anyway. For a few months now, I’ve be consistently selling smart watches as my major product. Smartwatches are HOT!


A smart watch is not just your regular watch, it performs several other functions apart from just telling the time. Some of them have a heart rate monitor to check for blood pressure, some have a pedometer and sleep monitor etc.

For example, the smart watch in the picture below can take a SIM Card, Memory card, can take photos etc.

mini importation


You can make a lot of money by importing and selling these smart watches. If you import this smart watch by using the method I explained in my smartwatch cash formula course, you’d be able to make more than 200% profit from selling this particular smart watch alone.


8. How to Source for Products Locally

So let’s say you don’t want to go through the stress of importing these products yourself, you can simply search for the products locally, you just need to be creative! For example, if you find out that XYZ products sells very well on a Facebook page, you can simply contact the product owner and propose a partnership.


A simple script like:

” Hi Name, I saw the XYZ product on your store, I’d sold similar product but run out of stock, I was wondering if you could sell the product to me at a discount off normal retail price. I’d love to go into partnership with you”



Make sure you send the message to as many seller as possible. Most will agree to partner with you, a few others will refuse.

If you are able to establish a good relationship with the seller, he can help you deliver the orders when people make a request from your end. After collecting the money for his product and for delivery, he’d send you your profit.


I’m not just writing this stuff because it’s what I thought about, I’m writing it because it’s what I actually do. I have about 3 people I work with for the smart watch deals. So when I’m out of stock, I ask them to make the delivery and take their money then send me mine. 


9. How to Import Your Products From China

Did you know you can import your product from China by simply initiating a chat with an agent in China? In time past, we struggled with the issue of payment, PayPal restrictions and all that.


But right now, you can simply check for the products that you want to import, then send the links to the agent. She gives you a break down of the cost and you make payment to their Nigerian account. In 3-5 days, you’d receive a text message to inform you that your goods have arrived. 


You’d have to make payment for clearing fees to pick up your item. That easy! There are different portals where you can import from like aliexpress, dhgate,, taobao and the rest of them.

Personally, I import from 1688 because you get the items cheaper from there. You can use the services of Chrisvic Mall to bring your product to Nigeria. 

I haven’t used them personally, I have a dependable contact that help me sort all that. I’ve provided a list of the agents in my Smart Watch Cash Formula. 


10. Marketing: How to Sell Your Products to Hungry Customers

If they don’t see, they don’t buy! If you don’t promote your products to a targeted audience then you will not make money! You’d end up tying your money down in product. Selling is the most important skill that you need to learn right now. If you can sell, then you can make money anytime, any day, anywhere….


Personally, I use Facebook paid Ads to sell my products online. It’s just too sweet! You can set up a Facebook campaign right away and have people beg you to sell your products to them.

But before you rush to Facebook to set up an Ad, you need to learn the skill. If you don’t know how to use Facebook, you’d end up wasting your money on advert and not getting any sale.


Want to Learn About Facebook Ads For eCommerce Products? Watch The Video Below:


I hope you learned something from the video above. However, if you want to see the exact Facebook campaigns I set up that helped me sell more than 500 smart watches, click here to access it.


10. How to Deliver Your Products

There are several delivery companies in Lagos whose services will be of help to you. However, you have to use 2-3 of them in order not to be disappointed. Sometimes they could get overwhelmed with too much work and might not be able to do your delivery. I have had my own fair share of disappointment until I discovered Dbex logistics, they’ve been very efficient for my Lagos deliveries.


I usually do pay on delivery only for Lagos customers. Infact, when I target people, I just put Lagos as the only location. Anyone who contacts me from outside of Lagos has to make payment first before the product is sent to him or her. I also have a young chap the runs errands for me too!


11. Rinse and Repeat

Now that you know all these about mini importation, what next? Rinse and repeat! You need to continue looking for hot selling product, source for them, set up your Facebook campaign and sell the crap out of them. But I’d advice you to stick to one product and sell the hell out of it before moving on to another product if you are a newbie. 


I hope you’ve learned a thing or two from this mini importation blog post. If you enjoyed it, please use the social media share button on the left hands side of the screen the share with your friends and loved ones. Got questions, feel free to drop them in the comment box.


P.S: I just publish my video course “Smart Cash Formula”, in this course I’d give you access to the same script I use in selling smart watches on Facebook, the same audience to target, a list of over 30 other hot products you can import and start selling right now. Grab it now at 50% discount, CLICK HERE


Until next time




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