How Mobile App Development Can Boost Small Businesses

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mobile app


Today, user activity is rapidly shifting from print media to smart media. Here, we are talking about those small businesses that are planning to retreat to the mobile app.


While the decision is absolutely in line with the current scenario in the market, there is constant pressure on businesses to meet user demands. This is fairly considered to be achieved by having a presence across all possible channels.


mobile app


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Despite the size of any business, the agenda remains the same; i.e. to be available with customers all the time and meet their demands eventually.

Other than this, it’s also important to stay up front in the market so as to stay ahead of competition and mark company presence. Therefore, small businesses are breaking the shafts by associating with a reliable mobile app development company to build intuitive, feature-rich mobile apps.


Why Mobile apps?


Fact states that there are almost 27.9 million small businesses in the United States who are looking out to the adoption of mobile apps to stand out from other well-established companies. The numbers are huge, and it clearly explicates the current necessity of mobile apps for small business.


Fact Alert:  A survey by Clutch – “There are almost 42% of small businesses who currently own a mobile app, and 30% plans to develop one for their business in the future.”

Source: Clutch


It not only boosts sales of business but touches other aspects also which is often neglected like customer loyalty, brand image, and employee efficiency. A mobile app is like covering 360 degrees and hammering maximum impact on business, employees, customers, sales, promotion, branding and more.


There are multiple benefits that small business can gain, and we are here with the most important ones. Let’s explore how mobile app development can boost any small business.



1) Superior Customer Experience


Whatever be the rationale of any change, any advancement; the intent is clear i.e. to provide the best customer experience. This is the only way through which business can lure customers to come back to them for product/services.


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A mobile app can act as a constant presence with customers. They can easily rely on your app for any kind of information, services, and more.


This constant support would automatically build a relationship with customers that in future would help in customer retention and make improvements in user engagement. Also, an app would help small businesses to detect loyal users and measures to reward them so that they become regular visitors rather than peek a boo type of user.


2) Sales Increase


The mobile app is one of the best ways to be available with customers 24/7. This obviously opens the door of increased sales when used this channel in a smart way. Yes, it’s the one way that caters to end users demand then and there and thus simultaneously opens the door of multiple sales.


Plus, as the cherry on top, the loyal customers tend to increase sales by 20% on a mobile app. With growing satisfaction of a user over an app, the chances of increase in sales increase proportionally.


As per the report by, 35.4% of Black Friday sales were done on mobile devices, last year. Isn’t that amazing? The numbers here are speaking out loud on how a mobile app can turn a small business downside up!



3) Stronger Brand Image

The brand is important since it represents your business. The biggest problem with small businesses these days are that they are not able to propagate their brand in the global market easily. Even if they try to do that, it drops a huge cost bomb. However, this problem is easily tackled by the presence of the mobile app.


The mobile app empowers small businesses to promote their brand easily over users and non-users mobile. In fact, more and more users on the app would automatically build brand value and word of mouth promotion in the market. One-time costing on building an app would yield years and years of benefit in brand building, customer retention and brand recognition easily.



4) Unique Features

Everybody adores unique features. Something extra that enhances user expectations clearly wins the race. The same way, mobile apps embedded with unique features attract users and push them to be an advent use of the app. Having learned from other apps, small businesses can build an app that covers unique features and gains an edge over others easily.


Few unique features that would make your app stand out could be:


  1. a) Chatbot: Personalized customer service bot to handle customer queries at any point of time
  2. b) Alert messages: Timely alerts being given by apps to users at regular intervals is something that uplifts the app
  3. c) Offer notifications: Latest offers, discounts on apps being highlighted for users to save their time and money is one of the features applauded by users



To wrap up the entire blog, it’s sure quite well-known that mobile apps are surely one of the greatest trends in the market. Being available with users all the time gives businesses a boost that is lured by all segments of the industries despite the size. Without a doubt, investing in mobile app development is the wisest decision that a small business could make. The door of possibilities relatively opens better than any other channel opted.



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